3 Most Powerful Words for Manifesting Your Dreams

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Words have the power to help you or stop you from manifesting your dreams. It doesn’t matter whether you say the words out loud or simply speak them in your mind.

There are three words that, when you use them, have the ability to manifest anything you speak or think about. These three words shape your life. When you learn how to use them, you control your destiny.

The three most powerful words for manifesting your dreams are “don’t,” “not,” and “no.”

Whenever you use these words, the Universe is unable to hear them. Whenever you tell yourself that you don’t want something to happen, such as “I don’t want to struggle financially,” the Universe is unable to hear the “don’t.” All it hears is, “I want to struggle financially.” It thinks that’s what you want to happen.

If you want to know what you have been telling the Universe, look at your life. If you want to know what you’ve been telling it about money, look in your wallet. If you want to know what you’ve been saying about your love life, look at your relationships.

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The words “don’t,” “not,” and “no” crop up all the time in your every day speech and thoughts.

“Don’t slam the door.”

“Don’t be late.”

“I’m not going to eat that.”

And what happens whenever you say them? Invariably, someone slams the door, is late, or you eat something that you think you shouldn’t.

The words “don’t,” “not,” and “no” are like a command that produces the very thing you are trying to prevent from happening.

Whenever you catch yourself saying “don’t,” “not,” or “no,” ask yourself, “What do I want?”

If you make sure to pay attention to your thoughts and words…and only focus on what you really want, in no time it’ll happen.

So what do you want to manifest?

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