822 Meaning And Its Significance

Most of the time our soul guides contact us through our intuition and our dreams, but occasionally they will need to deliver a more explicit message. They do this by synchronicity, showing you a number like 822.

822 is one of the messages many people get when they are having metaphysical problems.

So if you’ve seen 822 and want to know what your spirit guides are trying to tell you, read on:

822: Crisis Of Faith

The core message of 822 relates to your personal self and how you interact with the metaphysical world.

You might be feeling disillusioned with metaphysical practice, perhaps neglecting meditation and therefore collecting negative energy all day without cleansing.944 e1539568936196

822 reminds you that no matter how much work you do, it is your responsibility to look after your own soul. It points you to the number 22, which among other things represents the Master Builder – all progress must be built upon a solid foundation.

Perhaps you should return to the basics, remind yourself of the importance of the basic meditation. Show some love to your Root chakra, re-ground yourself and work on you for a bit.

822: Your Affirmations Heard

822 also tells you that the Universe hears your affirmations and supports you in your journey.

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Some doubts about your affirmations to the Universe and your soul guides may have crept in. You aren’t happy with the results you are getting.

But 822 remind you that not all affirmations will manifest. In some things, the Universe will work with you. In others, you will have to handle it yourself.

Still, 822 says that your affirmations are heard, that they do not fall on deaf ears.

822: You Must Do Good For Others

Finally, 822 guides us to do good for others in pursuit of reconnection with your soul.

For some, the appeals of the metaphysical life fade as they become just another part of daily life. Meditation can become a chore; cleansing stops being a ritual you appreciate and becomes something else keeping you from what you would rather be doing.

That’s because we often forget the core ideals of oneness, unity and unconditional love.

Doing some charity work, helping a friend move, cooking dinner for everyone – these are all kind acts of goodness towards others that can help you to reconnect with why you were drawn to soul work in the first place.

Your soul guides wouldn’t put it so bluntly – but their message is clear:

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You are concentrating on yourself when you should be focussed on others.

Take some time to meditate on selflessness and altruism. Remember the ideal unconditional love, that we are all just pockets of consciousness in an infinite universe, and that we are all struggling our paths together.

Maybe spending some time dealing with the problems of others will help you to be both more grateful for your own privilege, and better equipped to deal with your own issues.

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