Belief and the Law of Attraction

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When people first start using the Law of Attraction, they have a tremendous amount of success. They’re able to attract money, cars, clothes…pretty much anything. But then little doubts start to creep in…

People become fearful and resistant. They begin to wonder if they deserve everything they are attracting. They start to think that they might be selfish. And, before you know it, they begin to have trouble attracting their desires…

They begin to say that the Law of Attraction isn’t working for them.

But it is…

They just stopped using it to attract their desires.

When they began to question whether they should be receiving everything they wanted, they changed what they were attracting into their life. They started to use the Law of Attraction to bring them what they didn’t want.

It’s something that happens all the time.

Take money, for example.

First, people struggle to get it, working hard, worrying about how to get more. Then they learn how to use the Law of Attraction and begin to get some money. Soon, they begin wondering about the money they are receiving…

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“Do I deserve it?”

“Is it spiritual?”

“Am I being selfish?”

Now stop and think for a second.

They wanted money from the very beginning. Money was okay when they didn’t have it, but when they started to receive money, it was suddenly bad.

What caused the change?

Their beliefs.

When it comes to money, they have a self-imposed limit for how much they can have. When they reach this limit, their limiting beliefs kick-in and work with the Law of Attraction to return them to a level where they are more comfortable.

When they are living their life according to their beliefs, allowing themselves only the amount of money they are truly comfortable having, they are open to receiving money. They are grateful for any money that comes their way. But when they begin to reach their limits, they close themselves off to money and start feeling ungrateful for the money they receive.

It’s a cycle that can end only by changing their beliefs.

Your Beliefs and the Law of Attraction

So what about you?

Do you need to change your beliefs?

Are you ready to have your beliefs stop limiting your success with the Law of Attraction?

What can you do today to make your beliefs work for you?

How Your Beliefs Affect the Law of Attraction

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