Clairsentience: What It Is + 12 Signs You Have This Ability

Clairsentience is the ability to feel deeply and with spiritual and subtle insight and perception.

This evolved feeling allows for many amazing and extraordinary abilities, gifts, and powers.

Sentience is, of course, the capacity of feeling and experiencing sensations relating to consciousness, such as oneness, unity, empathy, and other qualities relating to seeing the connection to and with others, or the natural world, animals, nature, etc.

So, to be clairsentient is to be super-aware, and to possess an advanced form of consciousness rooted in connectivity.

What Is Clairsentience?

Listening to the clairsentience signs can help you to develop the gift naturally and often at rapid speed!

For example, you might get goosebumps for no logical reason, yet know on some level, instinctively, that the universe is trying to send you a message.

Emotionally, physically, and spiritually, you can feel others´ pain and suffering, but you can also sense their wins and victories (like when something amazing has happened in their life).

Also, your third eye might start tingling randomly, giving you unique and strange sensations…

All of these are signs of clairsentience, but can equally help you define it.

Clairsentience is ultimately a direct link or bridge to your third eye, your higher self and mind, which sends you signals and intuitive impulses to let you know what is occurring in your inner world, and the world around you.

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Clairsentience VS Empathy- The Difference

Clairsentience is extrasensory and spiritual knowing rooted in recognizing the interconnectedness- or oneness- of yourself with all living things and activated psychic and sensory gifts.

Empathy is a deep feeling. It’s the ability to feel what it’s like to be in another’s shoes, to take on their suffering, joy, happiness, pain, and inner state, whatever the frequency or vibration.

Empathy and clairsentience are very similar, and clairsentient people certainly have empathic qualities.

However, empathy is essentially a type of subtle or spiritual “mind reading.”

Telepathic and spiritual-psychic powers are so developed in empathic people that they can merge with others on the deepst of levels.

Clairsentience, on the other hand, is more about sensing, feeling, and becoming aware through the realization of unity consciousness (and connectivity, as mentioned).

Ok, it is true that clairsentience involves merging as well, but the words still aren’t interchangeable.

This is of course all assuming that by “empathy” we´re referring to actual empaths; people who embody an “empath nature,” so depth and sensitivity.

Actually, empathy as a quality is more similar to compassion, which anyone with a heart and soul can feel. For clairsentience, you need the third eye and higher self link.

12 Signs Of Clairsentience

Signs of Clairsentience

Receiving knowledge from places and objects

A sure sign of clairsentience is that you can receive wisdom and sacred or hidden knowledge from places, environments, and objects.

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Many people mistake this with clairvoyance, which it is: but with clairsentience, you actually feel the energy of the knowledge you´re receiving.

For example, you can see, feel, and absorb an entire story of a place or object, like the history of a temple or the essence and overall message of a book, or ancient artifact.

Clairsentient people are so tuned into their emotions, the emotions of others, and the spiritual-energetic world, which is built from sentience, that all of this comes quite naturally.

In other words, you relive the memory through your evolved sensitivity and instincts, intuition, and emotional intelligence. Experiencing goosebumps, deja vu, and unexplainable sensations are also linked to this.

Picking up on people’s feelings

Clairsentience is basically clear feeling; clarity, depth, perception, subtle awareness, and gut feelings so developed that you may literally be an empath.

Clairsentience is in fact associated with empathy, so you may be able to “see” inside people’s minds, psyches, spirit bodies, souls, and auric fields to get a whole picture of the person.

This includes their health, emotions, lingering trauma or wounds, or the memories of them, and anything else that constructs a holistic person.

You can sense thoughts and beliefs, feelings and memories, and emotions and imbalances through clairsentience, and one of the major clairsentient signs connected to this is the power of telepathy.

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Imagine dolphins who can communicate on a special radar through the sound waves… this is what you can do if your clairsentiently inclined!

Telepathy and psychic gifts

Speaking of telepathy and a supersonic radar, as with all the clairs clairsentience is linked to psychic gifts.

You possess killer instincts, potent intuition, and senses…


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