Clairvoyance. How and What you can perceive clairvoyantly.

Clairvoyance, the ability to see beyond the physical eyes, it enables us to see in some cases inside of the body, to see actual organs and what is out of synch in our physical, emotional or energy body. It also enables us to see thoughts, emotions, sounds, vibrations, energies in a form of visual vibrations and colors; to see visions (past or future with its potentials), we may see pictures, auras, energy centers, guardian angels, angels, spirit guides, higher self and other beings which are not in our physical dimension.

Some people may also see numbers, shapes, animals as a symbolic representation of a message.

How do we perceive clairvoyant messages? There are two ways of perception with our physical eyes open and with eyes closed, through our third eye/inner vision.

With our eyes open we may see beyond the physical eyes literally. We can see auras, chakra energies, different beings from another realms floating around the room. Basically you see everything with your eyes open. In How to see Auras there is an exercise which can serve as a very good tool to open or develop your clairvoyance or to train your eyes to see beyond physical.

Another way of perception is with eyes closed, through our third eye or inner vision. It often looks like a memory inside the mind. for example, try to remember any event from the past, the way you will see that memory is very similar to how clairvoyant message or vision is perceived. It can be a very faded memory or very vivid and colorful.

Some people may see it very directly, like a vision of a past or future or potentials of future according to their vibratory state they are currently in. When some people may see it through symbolism, numbers, geometric shapes.

When you see numbers, each number has its own vibration, energy, meaning, symbolism behind it. As a very general example here is representation of basic numbers:

1 – creation, confidence, masculine energy;

2 – feminine energy, duality, wisdom, peace;

3 – joy, fortune, harmony, understanding, trinity (unity of mind, body and spirit);

4 – order, organization, hard work, foundation, patience, devotion;

5 – freedom, adventure, change, excitement;

6 – completeness, new ideas, healing, protection;

7 – seed of life, the seeds that you already placed are about to manifest into reality, security, truth you’re seeking;

8 – infinity number, abundance, balance, inner strength;

9 – new beginning, fulfillment, completion;

0 – universe and existence itself, self-expression, full potential (example, may mean you’re going into your full potential in a particular area of your life)

You may also see double, triple or multiple digit numbers where every number will have its own vibration and energy, meaning behind it. If you keep seeing numbers, I’d suggest to learn about numbers, you can google it, or get a book…

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