Four Archangels- Everything You Wanted to Know About

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There are angels in another dimension that follow a specific role set forth by Almighty God.

We know of a few from the various religious and spiritual reading material that has been handed down throughout the centuries.

There are four archangels that are the most powerful and important of God’s top angels.

What is an archangel?

The word ARCHANGEL comes from the Greek words “arche”, meaning ruler and “angelos”, meaning messenger.

They have two significant duties. The first is to rule over other angels and the second is to deliver messages from God to human beings.

Who are the 4 main archangels?

The 4 archangels are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel. These supernatural archangels sit at the top of the angel domain and command a large group of these divine beings.

They are the superiors over all angels, but they are also able to deliver powerful messages when directed to do so by God. Many people ask ‘how many archangels are there?’, and there is no fixed answer as some say there are 7, some 9, and some others quote a few other numbers citing various Biblical texts, but that is immaterial in the end. What matters is that they are there to bring mercy and compassion to humanity and each one responds when sought out. Infact besides the helpful ones, there is even mention of the fallen amenadiel angel, who was cast out of heaven due to his lust for the throne of God. But we will restrict our discussion to the four main archangels Michael angel, gabriel angel, raphael angel and Uriel.

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Each archangel has a different color associated with them.

Four Main Archangels


archangel michael
[image source:] Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is God’s top angel.

He leads and supervises all the other archangels in carrying out their responsibilities.

Protection, truth, integrity, courage, and strength are characteristics of this bold and mighty angel. He can also be referred to as the warrior angel.

When Michael arrives, a sense of protection and warmth immediately empower you. His feeling of strength is obvious and you just know that Michael is near.

Blue is the color that is representative of Michael. Perhaps this is due to the blue skies that remind us of his protective nature.

Michael has been represented as a prince in the Bible, in the Old Testament. At the same time, in the New Testament, he is referred to as an archangel. Catholics have assigned four primary responsibilities; to lead a group of gods and angels and other tasks.

Archangel Michael is also given the task to save all Christians and churches on this planet. Being the frontrunner of all angelic powers, Michael is also the main force behind divine judgment. Saved humans, whose life has been free of sins will be gifted back to the earth to preach Christianity is a more enlightening way.

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Often Michael is looked at as the supreme power, i.e., Jesus Christ, owing to his complex powers and descriptions. This has created confusion regarding his powers, duties, and identities, making it a very mysterious subject of debate among theosophists in the Christian world.

The metaphysical system also provides a more scientific answer to this color. Based on the seven different light rays, blue stands for power, protection, faith, courage, and strength. This is a very accurate description of Archangel Michael.


Archangel Gabriel
[image source:] Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel/Gabrielle often shows up bearing an important message. She is often referred to as one of the female archangels hence the name Gabrielle is also used to address this divine being.

That’s because she is the top angelic messenger of God. Gabriel is perfect for this job with her calm and patient delivery of God’s announcements. Gabriel is one of the spirits very close to God.

She revealed God’s plan to Daniel and announced the birth of John to Zechariah. Gabriel stands for “hero of God” and sends all the essential messages to people. She is also the angel who takes control of all the messengers and brings Jesus and his followers close to each other.

Followers of Christianity pray to Gabriel whenever they are tempted by material needs. which weakens their spiritual aspirations. Archangel Gabriel announced that she would be the mother of the only son of God. So, she is revered across Christian theosophy sects.

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Often appearing in dreams to those that need help with communication skills, she leaves one with a sense of purity, harmony, and holiness.

Gabriel can provide purity, fulfillment and direction in achieving your life’s goal.

What better color than white to associate with this spiritual angel. In most people’s minds, white represents purity and harmony of holiness.

When focusing on discovering that right revelation, Archangel Gabriel comes through with his/her shining…

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