Full Moon in Aquarius 2022 – and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

The Full Moon in Aquarius 2022 occurs on Thursday, August 11th, at 9:36 PM EDT. This is the ideal lunation to reflect on your role in communities, both online and off. Are you engaging in healthy dynamics – or should you move on? Do you have supportive collaborators – or are you surrounded by frenemies and wannabes? Are you involved in groups that lift you up or bring you down? Also, how are you showing up? Do you play a helpful role, or are you playing games? Ask these questions, and if you don’t like the answers, it may be high time to change your circle.

Don’t be afraid to let a few folks go. That may mean culling your friends’ list on social media, unfollowing negative types, or bidding farewell to the associates you’ve outgrown. Keep in mind Aquarius isn’t too emotional about this. Neither should you. After all, it’s better to be honest about what’s right for you. But, of course, you need to respect other people’s decisions, even if you’re the one getting the boot.

Before this Full Moon in Aquarius shows up, Venus will set up shop in showy Leo, and Mars will sextile Neptune. What does that mean for this day? First, Venus in Leo favors boldness, generosity, and big visions. Second, Mars sextile Neptune is fantastic for putting muscle into your dreams. Combine these with visionary Aquarius, and the stage is set for a tectonic shift! Focus on letting go of anything outdated so you can welcome the brightest, most fabulous destiny.

Also, remember: Aquarius is associated with revolution. Where are you creating liberation for yourself – and the collective? As the saying goes: if you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention. Channel your anger into “good trouble.” (RIP John Lewis.) I’ll see you at the voting booth later this year.

And here’s some mini Full Moon in Aquarius 2022 Tarot Readings with the Metaphysical Cannabis Oracle Deck!

Aries: Qaddamarwa – Initiation – Change your perspective and you change your life. Look at the old in a new way.

Taurus: Yewa – Guidance – You are not alone. Your spirit guides are with you now. Trust them.

Gemini: Osupa – Vision – Face your shadow and befriend it. This will heal you.

Cancer: Sarauniya Uwa – Nurture – Every seed you planted is beginning to grow. Abundance is yours!

Leo: Yemota – Starseed – You can create whatever you please. Tap into this vibe and manifest great things!

Virgo: Tsabta – Clarity – When making decisions, keep your ethics in check. Do not be swayed by bullshit.

Libra: Omo – Family – Your loved ones need you now. Protect the vulnerable members of your family.

Scorpio: Osoosi – Nature – Aim for the truth. It will set you free every time.

Sagittarius: Agbaye – Bliss – Follow your bliss. It may take you in an exciting new direction!

Capricorn: Divine Feminine – The Void – You are getting ready for new growth. But first, you must plant the seed.

Aquarius: Nummo Nommo – Change – The Universe is shaking everything up. This is setting the stage for a rebirth.

Pisces: Santa Muerte – Offering – The old way is coming to an end. Suddenly, you have many new options.



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