How to Manifest Weight Loss With the Right Law of Attraction Techniques?

Manifesting Weight Loss

Do you know that you can manifest weight loss? Want to know how? Then read on –

Whenever you scroll on Instagram and notice the amazing bodies of celebrities and social media influencers, how do you feel? Hey, we do not body-shame you, but we do not want you to feel uncomfortable in your comfort zone and bad about yourself. You can also do it if they can earn incredible physiques. It is all possible; you need to put a little extra effort and the Law of Attraction and make it happen.

People often think they can buy a dream car or grab a promotion with the Law of Attraction, but they cannot lose weight with these principles. Hey, let us remind you that you can do it. If you think that you have tried your best to lose weight, you can do it with the Law of Attraction. Don’t worry at all! You should not starve yourself, try fancy diets or run a mile every day. You do not need to torture your body, but be thankful for what you have and implement these simple principles in your life.

In this particular article, we will explain how you can establish a healthy relationship between your body and mind and feel nice about yourself. You also need to hold back your limiting beliefs and convince your subconscious that you can lose weight and look gorgeous. Don’t compare yourself with the celebrities, but work on yourself because you are blessed with a body by this Universe.

Let us start with the powerful and effective ways of losing weight using the Law of Attraction.

Manifest Weight Loss with Law of Attraction Techniques

1. Identify the limiting beliefs and the negative thoughts you have made by yourself

We have a story in our mind filled with negative beliefs and ideas, and dialogues that do not let us exercise, move around or eat healthy foods. First, you need to identify those and get rid of them. Only then can you step ahead on the weight loss journey and enjoy it without feeling tedious and dull. Some of the common excuses that we tell ourselves are –

“I am too lazy to exercise.”

“I have been chubby since childhood. I will never lose weight.”

“All in my family are healthy. So, I will never try it.”

“I can never eat those bland foods to lose weight. I am a foodie.”

Yes, you can perfectly justify your excess weight, cover yourself with the body-shaming trend, but you will never know that you can lose those extra pounds. These false statements become your identity, and the lies become sweet truths that you share with anyone and tell yourself in front of the mirror.

Your job is to convert these excuses into solid, positive statements that convince your subconscious mind into losing weight by changing your identity. Next time, tell yourself and others,

“Hey, I can lose weight. My metabolic rate is pretty good.”

“I love fruits and fresh veggies, which make me active and healthy.”

“I am more into healthy living than junk foods.”

2. Get out of the body-shaming zone (fat-shaming in this case)

When people are fat, and out of shape, society makes them more guilty by teasing, mocking their sizes and shapes, and even bullying them. “Fatty, fatso, double-body, elephant…” These are some of the names that every fat person is called by. Now, take a nice, deep breath and continue reading.

You first need to get rid of the emotional damage that has been inflicted by society. It doesn’t mean you have to answer back or talk rudely to each person who has criticized you in your life. You need to accept yourself with the way and your looks and not be ashamed or guilty of it. If you are into overeating, it is okay. No need to punish yourself with starvation; you can certainly work on this bad habit. If you have to buy plus-size clothes, that is okay. Don’t feel guilty or ashamed of how you look. You can always change your appearance, and there is no need to listen to society for that.

The more you feel shameful and guilty about your appearance and bad habits, the more shame and guilt you will attract. Hence, work on these negative feelings. It is hard, you might have to go through a lot, but with the support of your loved ones, you can do it.

3. Start scripting about your desired appearance

One of the effective techniques of Law of Attraction is scripting, and it is very constructive in manifesting weight and fat loss. You can maintain a journal and write everything about your ideal appearance. You need to write in a language that you have manifested your perfect body, and you are immensely happy and excited about it. Only then can you expect the results from the Universe.

You can write in more detail about how you look in the mirror, what your family members or spouse comments on your looks, what you are wearing, and how emotionally blessed you feel. Don’t forget to be grateful to the Universe at the end.

4. Incorporate weight loss-related affirmations

It has never happened that affirmations never work. So, if you want to lose weight, rewire your subconscious mind by repeating self-designed affirmations. For example, you can use affirmations when you meditate, before you sleep, or after you wake up, whenever you are refreshed and want to work on your weight loss goals. You can also repeat affirmations if you feel low or someone has mocked you. But remember that you should feel strong and positive when you repeat affirmations, they can be used to uplift your mood.

When you repeat affirmations, your mind’s vibrations rise up, and you feel confident about yourself and your journey. You feel amazing and know that you can certainly achieve your weight loss goal, no matter how challenging it seems for others.

Some of the affirmations that can be used are –

“I am fit and healthy, and I look gorgeous in the mirror.”

“I am grateful for the amazing body I have and that I can eat healthily and move around.”

“I am confident as I look and feel good every day.”

5. Acceptance is the key – never forget it

We have mentioned acceptance in the earlier point, but we will stress it here. If you don’t love yourself right now and make conditional statements, you can never love and accept yourself in the future, no matter how great you look. Loving your body or accepting doesn’t mean you need to treat yourself with your favourite fast foods or not move around and relax on the couch and watch movies the whole day.

We have some proven self-love and self-acceptance ideas for your body –

  1. Eat a vitamin and nutrient-rich diet every day.
  2. Pamper your skin with body lotions and moisturize and take care of it.
  3. Dress better that suits your curves.
  4. Always think happily and positively about yourself.

You need to get rid of all self-hate patterns and incorporate more love and acceptance in your mind about yourself. Don’t feel bad; feel good that you can exercise and eat healthy foods, no matter what.

6. Develop a healthy relationship with nutritious meals

Healthy doesn’t mean you need to munch on unhealthy snacks or eat fried and sugary foods every time you have a strong craving for it. But you should not be ashamed or guilty of what you consume. Moreover, you should not eat while watching TV or scrolling on your mobile phone without experiencing the food taste and aroma. If you don’t feel good while eating, you will not feel good later.

Feeling bad about what you eat or distracting yourself while having meals can also impact your tummy and cause problems such as bloating and indigestion. So, our strong suggestion is to develop a healthy and nice relationship with the food you eat. If you make faces while eating healthy meals, please stop that. You do not eat food only for your tongue but for your body, mind, soul, and other elements. As a result, you will eat with a healthy mind, be healthy mentally and physically, and be fit soon.

7. Imagine that you are fit and healthy

The affirmations are done, the scripting is done, next comes the visualization. Whatever you scripted needs to be visualized in this phase. It isn’t hard; it is simple if you can daydream better. You can visualize that your weight is ideal as per your body height, you are of ideal sizes, and you have muscles or curves, depending on your gender. Imagine yourself as toned and lean and wearing the best outfit in the best manner.

You don’t have to be all-perfect; you need to be ideal in your mind. Do not imagine the physique of your favourite celebrity because everyone’s bodies are different. And don’t forget the emotions. You should feel amazing when you visualize this and now stress how it will happen.

8. Take action for weight loss

Now, let us come to the action element. Let us tell you the truth. You will never lose weight simply by visualizing or writing in your journal. You need to take action for these techniques to work. However, you should not exercise as if you want to torture your body because you ate too much on a particular day. Our point is to take action but in a joyful manner, feeling good about what we are doing at that moment.

When you take action, the Universe knows that you are involved in your goal. If you wait on the couch eating potato chips and expect the Universe to lose a pound of your weight, it will never happen. Ensure that your physical activity (exercise) is fun and enjoyable so that you are aligned with the Universal energies.

9. Balance it out

You don’t have to concentrate only on weight loss in life. Remember that you have a life, and that is not restricted to physical appearance and looks. You need to appreciate your physical existence by moving around, going for a job or doing business, nourishing your body, and carrying out other meaningful activities such as social work.

If you spend most of your time measuring your size or peeping in the mirror whether you look good or not, you are wasting your energy, and the Universe will help you waste more. So, appreciate what you have right now because it is the physical form. Life is balancing and not just looking good and worrying about it – so take care of your mind, body, soul in all ways.

10. Be happy for the tiniest achievement

It doesn’t matter whether you have lost only one pound or managed to eat healthy foods for a week or have not skipped an exercise routine in the last five days, be happy about it. You need to appreciate yourself for each milestone you have achieved and express gratitude to the Universe for making it happen.

Weight loss should not be the end goal. It should be a journey you can later turn into a weight management journey. Enjoy every day of your journey, let you be excited, and look for every single day.

In short, your weight loss manifestation journey can be implemented easily with the above tips. Get rid of the internal resistance and mental blocks, be happy and excited, and you will find the same in the results. Accept yourself, and see that your body is changing and your confidence level is improving each day. So, get ready to lose weight and fat with the above manifestation steps.

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