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Happy Leo season, Earthlings! The Sun just moved into Leo a couple of days ago, so Leo season started on July 22 and will last until August 22, 2020 (make sure you’re using the free astrology calendar to keep track of the planets!).

As far as what Leo season means, Leo season is a time to let loose, be playful and joyful, and not focus too much on the serious stuff. We’re coming out of a very intense Cancer season, which is emotional anyways, but this one was extra ripe thanks to Mercury retrograde and the eclipses. We are now moving on and ready to enjoy ourselves again!

Leo Zodiac Sign Traits

Leo is a Fire sign, and the Fire signs are full of energy, spunk, and enthusiasm. Leo wants to use that energy and enthusiasm for fun, play, and joy. Leo is also a Fixed sign, so it’s not as scattered and unfocused as the other Fire signs (Aries and Sagittarius). Leo can stick to what it wants and keep going.

The natural ruling planet for Leo is the Sun, so the Sun is very much at home in this sign. This means its energy is strong, more forceful and powerful, and we can feel more attuned to our identities and what we connect with on a personal level.

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Positive Leo Traits

  • Creative
  • Loyal
  • Generous
  • Affectionate
  • Fun-loving
  • Big-hearted
  • Funny
  • Entertaining
  • Sweet
  • Friendly
  • Confident
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Negative Leo Traits

  • Dramatic
  • Attention-seeking
  • Stubborn
  • Proud
  • Egocentric

With all of that in mind, let’s get right to the Leo season horoscopes for your zodiac sign so you can make the most of the season!

Leo Season Horoscopes for the Zodiac Signs


Leo season is the ultimate time for fun for you each year, Aries, and you should take this period as an opportunity for you to connect with your heart in a big way.

Your heart is strong, so don’t ignore it. There’s been a lot of attention given outwardly to your goals and ambitions this year, and that’s well and good, but you need to remember to have fun too. Is it worth it to achieve so much if you don’t feel good too?

Love matters just as much, and the more you enjoy yourself right now, the better. Have some fun!


Leo season gives you the opportunity to emotionally connect with others, Taurus, and you can be generous with your encouragement. You can help those you love to do great things, and this can help you feel good as a result.

You may feel that you get as much as you give, and enjoy doing so.

This season can also be good for you to take more joy in matters at home or with family. Dealings with the family don’t always have to be so serious, and you can try to enjoy your time spent with them. Spruce up your home so you can have more fun there and have a space that inspires creativity.

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Leo season helps you feel in tune with your active mind, Gemini, and you can give attention to the ideas that have been swirling around in your head for some time.

You can share your plans with others, and get information and advice you need. At the same time, you can enjoy the engagement with others, and can have fun connecting mentally.

You may not want to focus on serious matters too much, and instead prefer to focus on the light and playful. Let your creative mind wander, and see what takes hold.


Leo season allows you to slow things down after energy got pretty wonky for you, Cancer, and that can be welcome.

Now would be the time to try to be more present, more in the moment, and not think too much about the past or the future. There will always be time for that, but for right now, get in tune with your senses, indulge, and let yourself feel joy again.

You may find that playing in the physical world brings the most enjoyment for you now, so get out in nature, pamper yourself, or splurge on some rich foods.


This is your season, Leo, so it’s your time! You can feel extra fierce, extra fabulous, and extra fiery, so roll with it. Your heart can grow bigger and brighter, and you can share this in bold ways. Don’t just keep it to yourself, and be the generous Lion that you know you are.

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Let creativity surge, and make lots of time for play.

You can get grumpy when you don’t get enough time to do what you enjoy, so don’t forget that. This year has largely been focused on the work you need to do and paying attention to the little things, but for now, let loose and let fun rule.


Leo season can bring some quiet time for you, Virgo, and that may be exactly what you need right now. It’s been high stress lately, and you’ve probably been more serious when it comes to matters of the heart this year, so a little time to decompress can do you wonders.

Give to yourself, and reconnect with your soul.

This season can be a great opportunity for some self-care, so think about small ways you can take care of yourself. This can help you remember to enjoy yourself and your life.

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Leo season can be a great time to reconnect with your…

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