Life is but a Oneness

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Open up your mind to that which is not there. There are times when you are striving to make things work just perfectly and to make everything happen in just a certain way and it doesn’t work that way.

The Universe doesn’t give you things that way.

The Universe says tell me what you want and I’ll go make it happen for you.

If you continue to want, continue to ask and misunderstand why things are not coming…

If you continue to change what you’re asking for…

If you continue to change the message you give the Universe…

Every time you do this, the Universe says, “Thank you. I’ll go and try to make that happen for you. I will do what you want.”

As you constantly are doing this and changing the information, the Universe is going and doing what you want. However, you may never receive what you want because the Universe does not have time to give it to you because you keep changing what you’re asking for.

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Sometimes you must wait. Sometimes things do not happen in an instant. Sometimes it takes a day, a month or a year before things will happen, but when they do, you can rest assured that it is exactly what you are looking for. It is exactly what you said you wanted to have happen.

Now it make not look exactly like what you think you wanted because you said what you wanted was just a little bit different or you kept changing your mind. Yet, the Universe has gone out and gotten you exactly what you said you wanted.

So I would hope that you really think about what it is that you want, that you really do try to get the very right thing and to allow the Universe to bring it back to you.

That Universal oneness that will answer any question that you ask, that will give you anything that you want, that will bring to you whatever it is that you might need, is always listening and bringing you what you ask for.

But just remember, too many questions, too many wants, too many changes, are not going to get you exactly what you need.

Figure out what you want and experience oneness with it.

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