Reiki and Oncology – Excerpts of My Personal Experience

One year ago, in a previously published article on Reiki Rays – The Importance of an Energy Therapy – Uses of Reiki – Part 2 of 4, I wrote a paragraph on the importance of Reiki in the case of oncological situations.

In this article, recovering part of that paragraph, I will refer to the importance of the use of Reiki in dealing with some complementary treatments for those with nasty genes expression. Also, I will refer a couple of situations of my experience with oncological clients.

We know that chemotherapy and radiotherapy are tremendous aggressions to the body itself as well as to our energy field (products are extremely toxic and radiation is disruptive of the energy field). Reiki, repairing and restoring the energy field, contributes strongly to the reduction and, in some cases, to the elimination of the side effects of these two treatments with the advantage that the levels of anxiety are strongly reduced.

Unfortunately, some people with oncological problems suffer, in addition, from a specific gene expression that increases the cancer malignity making the treatment more complicated and reducing the possibility of recovery in case of recurrence.

Presently, we have a special treatment that helps reduce/eliminate that gene expression, a treatment that causes as a side effect heart problems and, if heart problems arise, the treatment has to be stopped. The treatment, if I remember well, consists in medical injections every month for eleven months.

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Several years ago, I was confronted with that situation. A woman in her late forties who had had a breast cancer started, after chemotherapy and radiotherapy, that special treatment and as after the third treatment she developed some heart problems and had to stop; she came to seek my help and I decided to follow the same approach I use for those in chemo/radio.

Reiki and Oncology – Excerpts of My Personal Experience

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In what concerns Reiki treatments in oncology, I generally recommend to start with four consecutive treatments followed by weekly treatments and, at least, two in the week of the chemotherapy/radiotherapy treatment: one the day before and the other the next day and, if possible, an additional treatment the same day of the chemotherapy would be excellent.

In addition to the usual crystals I use in Reiki treatments (such as Tears of Apache, Rutilated Quartz, Fluorite, Amethyst, Crystal Quartz, Smoked Quartz, etc), I decided to use Malachite and Green Tourmaline in order to have a more significant “impact” in the Heart chakra. Also, I repeated the Heart chakra position during the treatment.

In addition, I used a green variety of quartz that is an excellent support in healing, the “Seriphos” quartz, named after the Greek Island of Seriphos as it’s only found there.

The treatment sequence I generally use has 10 positions, with five minutes in each position: Front/ Parietal/ Back of Head/ Throat chakra/ Heart chakra/ Solar Plexus chakra/ Sacral chakra/ Root chakra/ Knees/ Feet but when treating patients with…

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