10 Powerful Signs of Spiritual Awakening

What is Spiritual Awakening?

If you have lately heard stories of people into their phases of spiritual awakening, it is good news! Maybe, you should embark on the same path but don’t forget, you won’t encounter lots of butterflies in this journey, and it will take a lot of time. However, if you read this article carefully and understand and implement a few tips, you will find the path easier.

What is Spiritual Awakening : The Meaning

When you begin to perceive the real nature of reality, you experience a certain feeling, and that is known as a spiritual awakening. It might feel like you have been woken up from a dream with a realization that what you had been thinking was an illusion. You are not the person you initially thought you were or what your friends or family thought and made you believe that.

It is a difficult phase as it has been conditioned in your mind since childhood that you are of a certain identity and belong to a community. There are loads of things that affect and influence you – hobbies, personal style, religion, political beliefs, and others. And then, there is something hidden in your ego which is kinder and more compassionate towards other humans and is connected to the Universe. Yes, this might seem overwhelming to you, but it is a spiritual awakening.

Even if you have walked on the first few steps of awakening, your ego must have brought you back, and this must have happened a couple of times. Don’t worry; it is not a competition to awaken your spirits; it is a journey, and you need to enjoy it as you walk on it.

Let us go through some of the vital signs of spiritual awakening that you should recognize and acknowledge.

Signs of Spiritual Awakening

1. Your dreams become more natural and vivid

Have your dreams appeared to you as if they were real? And they are too natural to be. For instance, the people, the incidents, the words spoken, and the places are real and are clearer than ever. When you are in the spiritual awakening stage, it happens that your dreams become more lucid and convey stronger messages in a subtle manner. It is because we both live in the physical and non-physical world, which allows your mind to remember your dreams in a better way.

If you want to reflect on your physical world, then the dream state is best to do it. Some great leaders and writers even use dreams to figure out what to do next. However, as you travel across the spiritual awakening phase, it becomes easy to interpret dreams as shadow work.

2. Your level of sensitivity reaches a peak

If you have been feeling more empathetic to the people around you and are feeling highly sensitive all the time, it is not because you are emotionally weak, but you have become more sensitive. You might have developed kindness and compassion towards others and understand their feelings very well. You don’t judge them or criticize them or don’t indulge in giving any nonsense advice to them. You simply understand their moments of happiness or sadness and feel them from the inside.

You will find yourself picking up some signs and signals easily and figuring out psychic senses altogether. You might have also noticed a few changes in your physical body. For instance, you must have restored to more healthy and fresh foods and have stopped consuming junk foods that just make you feel empty from within. You must have noticed that a processed food item brings you down emotionally the moment you consume it. On the other hand, you might feel alive and awesome when you eat fruit or munch on a healthy salad.

You could even experience some stomach sensitivity due to certain foods and suffer from indigestion, irritability, pain, bloating, and nausea. It is because you are connecting with your inner self, and you cannot digest the junk and empty-nutrition foods anymore. When you are not awakened, you ignore the thoughts and feelings deep residing in your mind. But when you elevate your vibrations and your intuition level, your food sensitivity also becomes active.

If you find yourself getting sensitive after you eat or listen to a sad story of a friend or a colleague, we suggest you pause for a moment and take a few moments or days to recharge. It is the time to adopt a self-care routine and consume and act as the spirit guides you. You should do what your mind tells you and not what society forces on you. Hence, listen only when you want to and eat what you feel like.

3. You feel like you are not the usual self

When you feel you are going crazy because you don’t act as the world expects you to, then you are into spiritual awakening. It might lead to a lot of distortion as you perceive this world as you have started to feel differently about things. You might undergo an identity crisis. You might feel that you are losing the earlier ‘you,’ and this process could be even depressing.

You might even go crazy as you discover the newer version and wonder if this is what you really are. In short, the process is pretty tense, and the journey of spiritual awakening could be a total roller-coaster ride for you as you welcome several ups and downs in your life, and some even do not seek your permission.

You can go through this process with less confusion and overwhelm if you tread on the path and not just rush through it. You don’t have to be in a hurry, assimilating all the feelings at the same time. Take each feeling a day, and you will notice that you accept and love every ‘crazy and insane’ moment of awakening spirituality in your life.

4. You find yourself befriending totally different people

It happens when you are awakening spiritually, you can notice that your friends are not making you feel the same, and you cannot relate to their thoughts. You will not be rash to them or squabble with them. But you will experience that you are simply drifting apart from each other. You will not spend considerable time with each other and not have something familiar to talk about.

It is usual to feel lonely during this phase of spiritual awakening. You might feel that you have no one to talk to you and feel sad that your old friendships are not the way it used to be. You need to trust this process. You will find new friends and don’t remember that you still have old friends and the friendship is not yet over. So, catch up with them occasionally. You and your friends are just different, and you need to accept it.

5. You reflect on your life and take time for it

When you turn your life around and know more about it, you will find several past traumas and negativities hidden inside it. You might have been ignoring them for so many years, or you haven’t accepted them as a part of your life.

This is the time when you really make time for introspection and self-reflection and learn about your own life, accept the things and acknowledge them. Often, people blame themselves for being a victim, but this is not a reflection. You should become more responsible and empowered and be grateful for surviving such a trauma. You need to heal your wounds, learn from them and move in your life. When you awaken your spirits, you create your own world, and acknowledge your own power without being a victim or convinced by others.

6. You break the ancestral trauma cycles that have been running for years

You must have noticed how your forefathers were bad with money, and you believe in this ancestor’s history and comment on this theory several times a day. This is nothing but being self-destructive because of some family troubles. You need to heal and work on these thoughts and declare yourself as a separate identity.

You need to stop yourself from believing and entering these ancestral cycles and take responsibility for yourself and future generations. Whatever has happened in your past is history, and you don’t have to repeat it and follow it as case law.

7. You are no more a hard-core judgmental person

As you separate the world with yourself, judgment comes to the scene. You start differentiating between the good things and the bad, the right and the wrong. You need to understand that ego and judgment are not lousy and are present in everyone. Hence, stop blaming yourself for that.

The ego adopts all kinds of things such as opinions, feelings, beliefs, choices, and decisions, but the ego also protects all these. Let us take one example of judgment. If you don’t make enough money and want to feel secure, then you might judge others who make money and call them selfish and ruthless. Judgment can also appear in religious beliefs.

When you undergo spiritual awakening, you accept others for their situations they are in and the people they meet. You are in connection with your inner self, and you don’t find ego overriding you, and the judgment doesn’t creep in your mind. As a result, you do not judge others and also, do not judge yourself and your past. You accept it unconditionally.

8. You get into the flow of life

The process of spiritual awakening is not about getting distracted all the time. But it is about you finding the flow. You find an interest in the things you do, get some good hobbies, and invest time in them, and find your ultimate purpose in life. You feel like you are shooting all the goals you set for, and you are enthusiastic about achieving them. You feel productive, and don’t need an alarm clock to wake you up.

This is nothing but the flow of work and life without any resistance to it. Resistance is the unawakened mind nagging and reminding you of the negative thoughts. When you walk on the path that has been originally created by you, you stop believing in what society says and go into the flow state. You lose yourself like a child engrossed in his painting, and you find the joys of being engrossed in one’s work.

9. You embrace authenticity

As we said, the go is not a lousy person, and you don’t have to get rid of it completely. You cannot totally forget your ego and call it a day. You cannot stop loving the things you love or erase your past. You need to embrace what is authentic and stick to it.

You need to accept that you have changed a person and should be particular about your true identity. Conditioning cannot go away overnight; the ego dissolution happens in stages. You need to learn to live with ego and live an authentic life.

10. You identify your own blissful moments

You found the flow; you harness the ego in the right way, you find that you connect with like-minded people, and random thoughts and opinions do not matter to you. In short, you are happy. You do not need the external shots of dopamine to be blissful; you can discover happiness internally. For instance, it could be as simple as witnessing the sunrise, or the sounds of birds, or the sight of a rainbow.

So, if you feel happy for such a small reason, do not get surprised. Others might not feel happy when they see a blooming flower, but you will as you are on the path to spiritual awakening. Similarly, you might reconnect with the hobbies you liked in your school days. You might feel excited about the things that no longer make others excited. You are not being childish; you are being authentic and true to yourself.

As you witness the beauty in such things and admire it unconditionally, you become spiritually awakened, and we congratulate you.

So, be true to yourself and walk on the path of spiritual awakening and happiness as you notice the above signs.

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