Signs of Telepathic Connection between Two People

Do you feel an inexplicable mental connection with someone even in their absence? Do you feel as if you can talk to them without uttering a single world?

When two people share a profound telepathic connection, they can reach out to each other even if colossal oceans separate them.

They can feel each other’s presence anywhere and at any time. The human brain is a masterpiece capable of accomplishing marvels.

One of the wonders of the human brain is telepathy. Telepathy defies the concepts of time and space and makes human contact a possibility without the need for verbal confrontation.

If you share such a connection with someone, you are sure to come across these signs.

You get instant vibes when you’re talking to someone. They don’t have to express their positive or negative feelings to reveal what they feel about you blatantly. You just know what they think even if they don’t openly show it.

When someone close to you is speaking a lie, you just know that they are. Even if they try hard to conceal the truth from you, their thoughts will betray them and ultimately reveal their insincerity.

If you’re genuinely in love with someone, you can barge into their thoughts without them even knowing it.

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Even if they’re busy doing their work in the office, you can make them lovesick by merely thinking about them affectionately. You can also sexually arouse them with your telepathic powers. They can, in turn, do the same to you.

If your lover is in some sort of danger, you can instantly feel a terrifying sensation emanating from your mind.

We can sense the suffering and pain of our loved ones even if we can’t see it with our own eyes.

Silence becomes loud and heavy when you’re with someone close. When you’re in love with someone, it’s as if the silence is laden with love and affection.

Sometimes this silence is so overwhelming that it compels you to pounce on the other person and plant kisses on their face and shower them with passionate love.

Similarly, when you have a bone of contention with a loved one, this silence can manifest itself as heavy and overwhelming. It causes unrest and disrupts your mental peace. This uneasiness persists until you reconcile with your loved one.

You feel a sense of safety with someone you’re close to.  Even if you’re stuck in a predicament or a dangerous situation, you feel a sense of security around your partner.

This feeling can be attributed to telepathy. It encompasses you with your lover’s aura and shields you from imminent dangers and troubles.

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A telepathic connection between two people is nothing short of a miracle. If the human brain is capable of pulling off such a thing, then imagine what it could achieve if humans realised its powers and burnished their mental capacities for the greater good.

A wave of love and compassion would encompass the entire globe.

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