This is how you can accelerate the pace of your affirmations

How to Make Affirmations Work Faster?

It is human nature. We cannot wait for years or even months to witness our manifestations. We want it to be quick, just like we make a digital payment at the store and buy an item of our choice. But manifestations take time as you cannot expect the Universe to be the shopkeeper. It takes time for it to receive your strong intention, process it, and then deliver the promise.

When we recite affirmations, we reprogram our subconscious mind and make it healthy and strong to attract abundance and our greatest desires in life. As you learn to optimize the art of affirmations, your brain reaches an ideal state to receive blessings from the Universe in the form of manifested desires.

But is there a way to pace up the affirmations and make them happen soon? We know this is the world of instant gratification, and several people like you will be searching for a perfect answer for this. It doesn’t sound desperate, but we don’t know what is at the end of the tunnel and whether our manifestation will take place or not. If you are trying out Law of Attraction for the first time, then you want a guarantee that you can utilize the same for your other goals too.

How Affirmations Work?

Before we get into the actual ways of making your affirmations work faster, let us understand the concept of affirmations first. Also, we will learn how they work and contribute to the manifestation process.

Affirmations are positive and conscious thoughts that we often say to ourselves. Since it is a part of self-talk, we tend to take it for granted and repeat negative thoughts to ourselves. However, affirmations are not something that you tell your subconscious mind blindly. They are conscious thoughts or messages that you tell yourself constantly. Most of our thoughts are negative. Yeah, it is a higher percentage; almost 70 percent of our thoughts are negative. It means our subconscious receives a huge dose of negative thoughts on a regular basis.

Let us take an example. If you are trying to manifest a new job, you might tell yourself.

“I am scared of rejections. I don’t want to get rejected again.”

“I am nervous about my new job.”

“I am dumb I can’t even speak confidently in the interviews.”

“I am so bad at interviews.”

This self-talk is nothing but negative affirmations that you constantly speak to yourself. In this scenario, you have to get up and create some positive affirmations to repeat to yourself and rewire your subconscious mind. It is okay to have negative emotions, but you should know how to cover them up with positive affirmations whenever possible.

Fear and self-doubt are the biggest enemies and will make you stick in the same comfort zone for years. It will hinder your path to progress. However, positive affirmations work like a miracle and boost your self-esteem and confidence and let you beat fear and self-doubt.

For example,

“I am not a confident person” and “I am a strong and confident person.”

If you repeat the second one again and again to yourself, you can feel a sudden surge of confidence inside you. And when you repeat the first one knowingly or unknowingly, you are convincing yourself and conditioning your mind to accept yourself as an unconfident person and display related behaviours.

You should not allow negative thoughts to obstruct your way to happiness and manifestations. And positive affirmations work in the same way.

All negative thoughts are not bad. Remember that these fears and doubts helped prehistoric man to survive, and that’s why we exist in this world. However, the world has significantly changed now, and it will be a big concern if we maintain the old habits. If you try to root out all negative thoughts, you might land in danger. And hence, it is advisable to eliminate a few of the destructive thoughts and replace them with positive ones.

You should identify and differentiate between negative thoughts and limiting beliefs and get rid of the latter. Limiting beliefs are false truths, and your mind doesn’t need them at all, long is the question of survival. So, you can utilize affirmations to get rid of the limiting beliefs actively and manifest happiness and joy in your lives.

When Do Positive Affirmations Not Work?

You must have seen some people getting benefitted with positive affirmations while some do not. Here are the reasons why people experience different outcomes, and some do not experience any result at all.

  1. You do not have a proper and fixed routine to practice affirmations. You repeat them anytime during the day or at night. But this is not fair. You need to discipline yourself to create an affirmation routine.
  2. You use negative words in your affirmation statements. Remember, the Universe cannot understand what you want or don’t want. It can also give you in return of what you ask for. And hence, don’t ask for anything that has negative words in the sentence.
  3. If you do not trust the power of affirmations, they are not going to work for you. It takes time to believe in affirmations, but if you don’t trust for long, they will never work for you.
  4. If your negative ego rules over the optimistic higher self, you will struggle with affirmations no matter how particular you are about them.
  5. If you repeat affirmations without depicting any emotion and without feeling that you have reached the desired state, they will be simple words and not work at all.

More about affirmations and their effectiveness

Affirmations help you to manifest better – Yes. Your subconscious mind is reprogrammed and rewired as you repeat affirmations to yourself. Due to this replacement of negative thoughts with solid, positive ones, you can bring the wildest desires into reality without much of a hassle. As you emit energy to the Universe, it returns on a similar plane. When a person repeats affirmations, you are in full control of the energies and frequencies and emit and attract the same. The key is to use these affirmations consciously. This is because when you do not use these affirmations consciously, the subconscious mind takes into both good and bad thoughts that you say to yourself and declare them as the real ones.

How much time is needed to take action for affirmations? – As per the Law of Attraction, you can control two important aspects – what you want and why you want it. When these two aspects are decided, you can align your energy and have non-conflicts thoughts and emotions about it. As a result, you emit higher vibrations to the Universe and get the same in return. And it could take years, months, and even days to receive. There is no fixed time limit. It is not a regulatory act; it is a Law of Nature. We can only assure you that as long as you are in a trusted relationship with the Universe, you receive what you want and can manifest your desires.

To build this faith, you can apply this simple strategy. Set small goals and apply the Law of Attraction towards the achievement. When you achieve the smaller ones, you can build traction eventually and seek faith in the Universe and rely on the same for bigger goals and manifestation. This will naturally elevate the speed of your manifestations.

Though we cannot specify a time limit for the manifestations, we can provide you with the guarantee that it will happen soon. Another way to speed up the manifestations is to use subliminal guidance programs. They are specially designed and have a higher success rate in manifesting desires.

Tips to make your affirmations work faster

1. Be relevant and not vague

We would rather say to be specific when it comes to asking the Universe for any dream or setting an intention. You need to know what you want.

For instance, if you set an intention of “I want to earn a lot of money.”

The Universe might not understand what ‘a lot’ means to you and will bless you with 1000 bucks. It will be a lot to some of you, while others might think of it as peanuts.

You can specify the certain amount you want to attract in a day or a month. “I want to earn 50k bucks every month.” Yes, this sounds more specific and understandable for the Universe.

As you repeat such specific affirmations all the time and improve your self-talk, you become more approachable to the goal you have set.

2. Take it easy with affirmations

The page markers, the sticky notes, and the constant reminders on the phone could be distracting and too much affirmations and self-talk. Sometimes, you need a break. You have to let the subconscious mind work on its own. You should not over-burden it and let it malfunction.

Hence, be slow and steady, and let the affirmations work naturally. Restrict to one or two in the initial days and wait for the magic to happen.

3. Be disciplined

Affirmations work better only when there is a proper routine and a lot of repetition. You should not fake, but you should express emotions and repeat them at a fixed time daily. If you skip a day or two often, it will not count as a routine. It could be when you are on your way to the office or before you fall asleep at night, there should be a routine. You don’t have to copy someone else’s affirmation routine; you can build something of your own that works for you.

4. Keep things simple

People follow these channels and pages and complicate things easily. For instance, they buy crystals to meditate even when they cannot afford them. Or they are stuck on an affirmation just because it is not 50 words. There are no major ground rules when it comes to the Law of Attraction. The only best thing you need to do is to keep faith in the Universe. Just ensure that you follow an affirmation ritual and express emotions during visualization.

5. Say your affirmations loudly

You might feel weird, but it is okay. When you recite the affirmations aloud, you emit a higher level of energy and feel more positivity and energy. As you emit this higher frequency to the Universe, you can find your subconscious mind getting more connected with the vibrations and, ultimately, the Universe.

6. Blend one or two visualization techniques

When you visualize and repeat an affirmation mantra, you are emitting higher energy levels towards the Universe. Whenever you repeat affirmations, ensure that you also portray a visual image in your mind. You can even meditate with an affirmation mantra.

As you implement this method, you will feel more positive about your manifestation and that your goal is happening in action.

7. Be present when you visualize or affirm yourself

How do you visualize? Do you keep the television on, or do you check your mobile for any new messages? Well, in this distracting world, focusing on your mind is a massive concern. Don’t think about your neighbour’s dog, or what you will be eating for lunch or dinner or what kind of errands you want to run.

Disconnect from the outside, noisy world for a while and focus on your inner mind and let it explore and connect with the Universe. You will notice that your subconscious mind is more focused and receptive to the signals from the Universe.

8. Affirm in the present tense

We want certain things to happen in the future, and hence, using future tense in affirmations is a common mistake people make. We would like to emphasize using present tense and the specific words “I am” and “now” to make it look like it has already taken place. You should be feeling happy now about the goals you are likely to manifest. So, use the right words. When you inhale and exhale with the affirmation “I am ______” you will feel extremely positive about your manifestation.

In short, we are happy that you are now acquainted with the incredible ways to make your affirmations work faster than ever.

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