When You Really Need Grounding

Sometimes we have these days when we feel very disconnected from the Earth, from these basic living needs, when we tend to be more focused on some higher ideas, desires. Or maybe too much attached to the materialistic world or past events and can’t get it out from our heads, can’t focus on the present moment and just enjoy it. Or maybe we are just this type of person who is very sensitive and tend to absorb all the energy or emotions, especially negative, from other people with whom we are in contact, or even watching news can really put us out of balance and create this emotional roller-coaster.

In any way, there can be various reasons that can affect us and shift our emotional stability. Just recently I had one emotional breakdown. I’m a sensitive person, when I communicate with someone who has a problem I tend to feel it, and without even wanting, it shifts my center of inner balance. That’s one of the reasons I don’t like to read news, go to crowded places and even watch negative movies. It all affects me deeply.

I used to have my routine which provides me a good energy and sense of stability for a day. These are meditation if possible early in the morning, yoga in the morning or tabata if short in time and have way too much energy inside, aromatherapy and my eating habits (I’m vegetarian and like to eat easy to digest foods).

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However lately due to late hours of going to bed I wasn’t able to follow my routine. And if that may seem ridiculous it literally put me in a vulnerable position with myself. I tried to be in control with my emotions, I tried to hold it back. But when it’s too much it gets out like Pandora’s box.

At some point I found myself starting to yell at my kids for some nonsense, at my dogs for barking at my kids, at my husband for not understanding me. Once I realized all that I took a step back, I felt so bad and guilty for what I was doing. I couldn’t just simply relax and easily calm down. I took dogs and went for a walk. I took them to the park, I took off my shoes and started walking barefoot on the earth.

You must have heard about “earthing”, it’s when you walk barefoot in a direct contact with the earth, be it a grass, sand, earth or even a road. It has many benefits and works by the exchange of electrons between our body and the earth. It’s a way of grounding.

I felt immediately better and calmer. All it took was just a couple of minutes. So either you believe or not in all that “earthing” or energy, but it definitely works.

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When I returned from the walk, I went directly to do a quick yoga sequence and I used my essential oils to create more grounding for myself. I applied vetiver on my temples, chest and hands to inhale it during my practice. And I started a diffuser with cypress, pine and angelica oils in it. I felt as if I was finally getting back control over myself, I felt centered, strong, calm, balanced, rational.

I personally find grounding very powerful in releasing…

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