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December is here — a time when we peel through our initial New Year’s resolutions, plan to make new ones, and reflect contemplatively on the year so far.

The holiday season is also here, and we’ll be experiencing both spontaneous and whimsical Sagittarius season alongside practical and grounding Capricorn season for this month.

This mix of energy can seem wildly contrasting at first, but December tends to hold many special events all at once anyway — holiday times, preparation for the New Year, and so on and so forth.

But what does the Tarot have to say about this month? We checked in for you, pulling one card from the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana each!

December 2022 Tarotscopes


The Fool & Queen of Pentacles (Reversed)

Aries is prepared to have a fun, exciting time with The Fool on the table.

New beginnings are here, or so you’re hoping. You’re ready to jump into the new and leave behind the old, and it’s not so surprising when you consider that Aries love to be the first to jump on the next big thing — even if you’re a bit early to the jump.

Your enthusiasm is not discouraged. In fact, it’s a good thing that you’re readying yourself for fresh starts. But with the Queen of Pentacles reversed, you also need to ensure you’re not just throwing caution to the wind entirely.

Balance out that spontaneous, go-getter energy with some deep breaths and occasional moments of pause and patience. That’s your recipe for success this month!


Death (Reversed) & Page of Cups

Taurus may be struggling with change and renewal, but you’ve still got some resources up your sleeve.

Death reversed points to a classic human issue — moving forward is hard. Sometimes you just feel “stuck” inexplicably, and it feels like you’re repeating old cycles over and over, and not in a comforting, familiar way.

The Page of Cups advises you to embrace youthfulness, playfulness, creative joys, and intuition. The solutions to your problems may not be big or dramatic — they might instead be found in relaxing, having a good time, and letting your intuition call the shots.

In other words, your mind may struggle to plan the next steps, but your heart always knows what’s up.


Temperance & 9 of Pentacles (Reversed)

Gemini is embracing a productive, balanced flow this month with Temperance.

You’re cultivating patience, a variety of skills (both internal and external), and finding flow this December. This feels like an intentional step as you try to find your footing heading into the New Year.

However, the 9 of Pentacles reversed warns against pushing yourself too hard. As a card of reward and indulgence, its reversal suggests that you might be doing too much of an “all work and no play” approach.

While your productive and positive attitude is commendable, don’t get so sucked into the idea of balance and productivity that you lose it entirely.


The Sun (Reversed) & King of Cups (Reversed)

Cancer is experiencing a whirlwind of emotions this month.

More specifically, The Sun reversed, and the King of Cups reversed both points to you simply not feeling much like yourself this December. Call it end-of-the-year blues, but whatever it is, it’s looking like your emotional reserves are depleted.

It may feel like all of your best qualities and skills (your emotional intelligence, intuition, control over your heart) are suddenly missing, like they grew legs and walked off.

In a time of feeling out of touch with your core self, it’s not time to look outside to find solutions. Go within, and rediscover what rests in your soul, Cancer.


The World (Reversed) & 9 of Swords (Reversed)

Leo is trying to make big strides, but not everything is coming together.

The 9 of Swords reversed is a commendable effort on your part, showing you trying to put anxieties and negative thought patterns to rest. But The World reversed points to the fact that you’re not as close to the finish line as you might want to be.

The road is not yet over. You may be doing your best to move on to bigger and better things, but it still feels like something is “missing.” This feeling can be frustrating, but it’s not a sign to give up.

Chin up, brave lion. The road may not be close to finished, but you should still keep walking!


The Hanged Man (Reversed) & Queen of Wands

Virgo, you’re feeling bold and in a confident groove this month.

The Queen of Wands brings spark, passion, and willpower synthesized into a mature, confident figure. In other words, this is you this month, tapping into a more spontaneous and outspoken energy that Virgos don’t always tend to embody.

The catch? The Hanged Man reversed warns of doing too much too quickly and growing overconfident in those plans and ideas. From time to time, it’ll still be in your benefit to channel the down-to-earth, practical Virgo energy you’re known for.

This doesn’t mean tone down your moment of fire and pizzazz — it just means… do it the…

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