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Almost all of us simply ignore the déjà vu and move on, considering they aren’t much, but the truth is that, behind these strange memories, an extremely deep spiritual meaning can be hidden. It’s believed that déjà vu, in some cases, maybe related to our past lives, especially when they occur in specific situations. Below we show 5 signs that associate déjà vu with past lives…

1 . Know the path to places you’ve never been
If you have a déjà vu with places you’ve never been and remember specific details about them, such as the round trip, in addition to shortcuts, it could be that you went there in a past life and that it has spiritual value for you.

2. Your déjà vu is more and more frequent and realistic
You may feel things before they happen because you have experienced them in one or even more past lives. You may have experienced the same situation, frequented the same places, and lived with the same people many times in the past, and they are element of your evolutionary path.

3. You have a déjà vu with new people in your life
Having a déjà vu with a new person in your life, whom you know nothing about, can indicate that you have already met him in other lives and also that he is essential in your journey.

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4. You have a déjà vu with valuable advice you receive from others
We don’t always take the advice we get from the people all around us very seriously, however , if you’ve ever had a déjà vu with something somebody has told you, it could mean that these suggestions is essential to your evolution and will continue steadily to appear until you truly assimilate it and put it into practice.

5. Your déjà vu can convince you to make an important decision or to give it up
Did your déjà vu sometimes come with a feeling of intuition and made you rethink a decision? They may have tried to warn you of the past consequences of the exact same attitude and to show you whether or not to proceed with it.

As you can see, déjà vu can be much more meaningful than they appear, so be very careful about yours and find ways to always use them to your advantage!


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