Getting Recruited and Healing – A Case Study

Article by Saummitta A Mazumdar

This case study is among my initial cases in my Reiki and Astrology profession.

Case Study:

A few years back a gentleman named MR. Raghav (named changed) Age 46, came to me for consultation. He was suffering from great losses in business. Soon after losing his entire business he joined a horticulture company but lost that job too within a year. He also informed me that he took several consultations previously by well-established astrologers and donated money as suggested by them. He was also wearing a gemstone as per suggestion, nothing been fructified till then even after investing so much money. He was unemployed for more than 4 years now. All his savings were depleted; he didn’t even have enough money to do the energy exchange.

Since all the members in his family were suffering from one or the other issue; I visited his house at Mr. Raghav’s request. As regarding job, he informed me that he gave several interviews but he was not been recruited for some or the other reason. He also told me that he had a couple of offers in hand but not been finalized by the company for the final round. His son was studying engineering in a reputed institute. His wife was somehow managing the house through her home-based business and his younger son was too young and was studying in a school.

Getting Recruited and Healing - A Case Study

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Healing Process:

I started healing the intention for him to be placed in the best company for his highest good. I have also suggested him of performing astral remedies like mantra chanting and Seva towards birds and animals as per his birth chart. By the end of the second month, he was placed in a well-established horticulture company in Tanzania. I stopped healing after he went abroad and settled there. He paid me back the energy exchange soon after he received his first salary. Currently, he is doing well and residing abroad with his family.

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Healing Method:

  1. The entire family, wife and two sons were suffering from health issues. I personally went to their house and healed the entire house. Soon after that, his younger son gets healed from the chronic cold. His wife’s catering business also kicked up.
  2. His elder son had some differences with his father, that has also reduced to some extent soon after my visit to their house.
  3. His wife’s health also improved since then. (I healed her wife during my visit to their house and a couple of spiritual practices has also been suggested to her).
  4. I also gave them Prana Violet Healing Symbol too to stick it on the wall of each room of the house.
  5. Prayer has the power to heal many issues, daily prayers were offered for him and his entire family.


Reiki, astral remedies, prayers all work in unison. The ultimate source is Universe for healing to take place.

Hope you loved reading the article.


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