Who Can Use Heart Energy?

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The use of heart energy is essential to move beyond the place where all beings on this planet are at this present time. Anyone who is able and willing to understand how to open themselves up to others can use heart energy.

It has nothing to do with intelligence. It has nothing to do with age or willingness, health or any other physical-ness that is present within you. It is only that the opening of the heart center allows you to change your present being, be one with the Universe, and be able to move closer to the Universe.

It is important to move your heart energy out even further than it is now…expanding it out to those who are willing to have it…because the more your heart energy touches those who are surrounding you, the more it will expand out.

Consider a drop of water hitting a pool of water. It will expand in rings as it goes out. Such is heart energy. As it expands out from you, it continues to touch others for hours and hours and hours as it expands out from your body.

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The more of it that expands from all people, the more it is there, and essentially, it will be never ending. It will always be expanding out from people. If heart energy continues to expand out from more and more people, the planet will be expanded. It will be glowing with the energy. As more and more people who are touched by heart energy begin sending out heart energy, the more heart energy will go out, and the more it will expand, surrounding the planet, and thus holding it in peaceful loving joyfulness.

This is the most important thing, the most giving thing that all people…that you can provide to others and provide to this planet. Allow heart energy to move out like ripples in a pond out around the planet. It will never end and it will slowly heal the planet and the people who live on it. The more that this is done, the more people that are doing this, the better life that all beings on this planet will have.

Unfortunately, most people are not awakened to this. They don’t even know that any of this is going on. They’re just walking around. They don’t know that they should be opening themselves up. They don’t realize that this is a possibility because it’s almost as if they’re dead inside. It’s as if they are numb, like an empty shell, or they are filled with something with which they don’t know what to do. They’re just moving through their life because they think that they’re supposed to. They think that they’re caught up with all this other stuff.

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If your heart energy is open and you send it out, it touches others… and they don’t even realize that it’s seeping inside of them and they’re responding to it. They don’t know that they’re responding. They are responding, but their knowing what’s happening is just not there.

Nevertheless, the more that you do expand your heart energy, the more you’re surrounded by that energy, and the more people get touched by it…healing some part of them when it touches them. If all it does is make them feel better, a little bit at a time, then that means they’ll go do something that either makes them feel better or makes somebody else feel better.

So the more people feel better, the more others have that same feeling. Joy and passion starts coming into them.

This creates a huge paradigm shift in the world.

Once you experience expanding your heart energy, like the ripples on a pond, you will become more conscious – you will be more aware that you can do it and you will do it.

If you are sending out heart energy and it’s attracting others with heart energy, you are all connecting. It’s like pearls on a string. The string is the people expanding heart energy. The pearls are the people who are not expanding their heart energy. Just as the string passes through the center of the pearls, and touches the pearls, so does expanding heart energy.

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In the end, it doesn’t matter if you are the pearls or the string, because the string eventually touches everyone. Your heart energy ends up touching everyone and everything because the waves of the energy continue on. They heal the whole planet.

All things then become light and energy…because light is energy and energy can be light.

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