Higher Consciousness Symptoms – The 17 Signs

[lmt-post-modified-info]This article is about higher consciousness symptoms. We all know that all creation is the manifestation from the divine source; we are also aware that even the smallest element exists as pure energy.

The object density governs how fast that energy can physically vibrate. Everything that is physically manifested vibrates at a certain range of frequency for our human senses to perceive it.

There are limits to perceiving the higher dimensions or higher consciousness because the frequency rate and vibration are not in the range of human perception.

We lack the faith and the ability to believe in something we can’t perceive through our normal senses.

Just because you can’t perceive something, it does not mean it doesn’t exist. An example would be when you blow on a dog whistle, and you are not able to hear it, but the vibration and sound are real because the dog reacts to it.

Some people can perceive beings from higher dimensions because they have learned to experience them through many different senses; for most people, I believe this may be beyond their range of perception.

Many people are beginning to work with energies from different dimensions; they are consciously working to increase their vibrations.

When you are raising your vibration, you receive more direct and clear guidance from your higher self because it vibrates at a much higher rate.

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When you have this direct connection, it allows for the information to be received easily.

Raising your vibration can be very helpful; you can do this by doing specific energy work with your higher self and guides. Raising this energy level can be done by anyone.

When you raise your vibration, it also opens doors to a different level of consciousness. The first level of change is the lunar consciousness. This is where your psychic and healing abilities heighten. I believe these higher consciousness symptoms last for about five years.

Common Higher Consciousness Symptoms

Out of Body Experience

One of the higher consciousness symptoms is having an out of body experience. When you are separated from your physical consciousness, you can explore other dimensions – triggers can help you prepare for an energetic shift into other realities.


If you hear buzzing, humming, or electrical sounds, but you can’t find the source of the sound – another example is when you are sleeping, and you can hear electrical noises which faintly sounds like communication.

Hearing sounds with no physical source may suggest you have a heightened sense of consciousness.

Tingling Sensation

Another sign of higher consciousness is when you feel tingling sensation through your body – for example, hair standing on ends or goosebumps.

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Hearing Voices

If you hear voices, singing, laughter, or your name gets called out, but no one is around.

Sinking Feeling

Another symptom of higher consciousness is when you feel you are sinking or expanding. Know that you are sensing it rather than having physical symptoms.

Numbness or Paralysis

You feel numb or paralysis in your body.

Feeling Weightlessness

Feeling weightlessness or you feel like you are levitating, sense of lightness spreading through your body.


You feel internal vibration out of the normal.


You sense pulses of energy.


You hear footsteps, or you feel a presence.

Internal Rocking

You are feeling internal rocking, spinning, or movement.

Arms lift

Your arms or legs lift while you are asleep.

Surge of Energy

You feel a surge of energy flowing through your body.

Hear Noises

You hear noises that are out of the norm, music, bells, etc.


Pleasant smells, flowers, scent, etc.

Psychic abilities

Your psychic abilities start to flourish; your aura starts to change.

Number Patterns

You start seeing synchronic number patterns as you are in tune with the universal vibrations.higher consciousness symptoms

How You Can Respond to The Symptoms

There are many theories about the cause and nature of the vibrations linked with out of body experiences.

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This is usually the direct result of the higher frequency, non-physical body moving out of phase with the actual physical body. Most of the time, the intensity of the vibration lessens quickly after the separation.

The basic sensations determine whether a separation from the body can be achieved. I believe the following is a good guideline on how one can respond to a vibrational state.

It would help if you always remained calm. The vibrations, numbness, sound are all normal experiences. As the vibrations spread throughout your body, you should relax and enjoy them. It is always good to remember not to move or think about your physical body. Any movement can shut down the vibrational process.

Allow everything to envelop you, the sounds, numbness, and everything to expand. You can allow it to spread through your being without any judgment.

Tell the universe that you accept what is going in your body, allow it, and welcome it.

Let it all in and stay grounded. A…

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