Why It’s Important to Take a Break

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In both life and the Law of Attraction, sometimes it’s important to take a break.

It isn’t about avoiding responsibility or giving up on our dreams.

Sometimes we just have to take care of ourselves so that we can be at our best.

We need to take some time and space from work, certain people or things so that we can see things clearly and remember what we used to enjoy about them.

If we delay taking a break, we can get cranky and tired. We can even start to resent people around us and the things we need to do.

Breaks allow us to recharge. They improve our energy, our alertness, our concentration, and our happiness.

And because the very basis of the Law of Attraction is to have fun and enjoy life, any time the Law of Attraction begins to feel draining, like work, like something you have to do, it’s time to take a break…reassess and start fresh.

We need to listen to our inner voices and give ourselves the time and space we need.

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My Break from Apply the Law of Attraction

And that’s why I’m going to be taking a break for a few weeks.

In the past, I’ve had articles written ahead of time, allowing me to continue providing you with helpful Law of Attraction resources while I was away.

However, I haven’t managed to do it this time.

Quite frankly, I’m burned out.

I started this site over 6 years ago and I never expected it to become the sensation that it has.

I am truly glad to have been able to help so many people, and I do love hearing your success stories.

But each week, it’s getting harder and harder to put in the countless hours it takes to write an article, let alone manage this site.

I noticed I was getting burned out a couple of months ago, which is why I stopped responding to questions in emails and comments. I was spending more than 40 hours a week trying to help everyone. It was just too much.

Not responding to questions helped for a little bit, but it really seems like I need to take a few weeks off to rest and recharge.

I have a lot planned in the coming months and next year – a new site design, courses to help you have more in-depth and hands-on instruction, and so much more.

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So this isn’t goodbye…just a short break.

There are more than 250 articles on this site to help you while I’m gone.

Take your time to read them and the comments. There’s a good chance you may find your question has already been answered.

Be back in a few…

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