8 Biblical Meanings Of Dreaming About Deceased Mother (2023)

Did you just have a dream about your mother who passed away recently?

Well, believe it or not, she could actually be trying to tell you something very important!

In this article, we’ll go over everything there is to know about dreams involving the dead and why you may see your deceased mother every time you go to sleep. 

So, let’s jump straight into it, shall we?

I believe you will love this article with the meaning of dead loved ones in silent in your dreams.

I Had A Dream In Which My Mom Died! What Does It Mean In Christianity?

I Had A Dream In Which My Mom Died! What Does It Mean In Christianity?

Although the interpretation of such a dream may differ in different religions, in Christianity, it is a sign from the holy spirit that the dead are being taken care of and you should move on now

This means that you’ve been living in grief for way too long and it could start to affect your life negatively. 

Just accept that your mother is no longer with you and send prayers her way to make her time in the grave easier

Think about it, your mother wouldn’t want you to waste your precious time in grief either. She’ll want you to move forward and do the best in life.

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Biblical Meaning Of Seeing My Mom Dying In A Dream

Sad son

Biblically, seeing your mother die in a dream is a sign that you’re soon going to embark on a journey alone

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Your friends, family, relatives, or loved ones won’t be there to accompany you and that’s the sacrifice you’ll make to get to your destination successfully.

It will help you discover yourself and who YOU are as an individual while limiting external distractions in your surroundings. 

You will also need lots of emotional strength and willpower to push through this journey so better be prepared for it beforehand.

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Biblical Meaning Of Seeing My Dead Mother Alive In A Dream

Dead mother alive in a dream

If you happen to see your dead mother alive in a dream, it could mean that she’s trying to tell you something important. 

The best way to decode this message is to remember precisely what she was doing in the dream. 

  • Was she talking about someone?
  • Did she look worried?
  • Did she mention anything particularly odd?

For example: If you remember her taking your little brother’s name, she could be trying to tell you that you must take good care of him. 

So, to connect the dots, you should ponder over minute details in the dream and let your intuition/heart do the job of decoding the possible messages that she could be trying to get through to you.

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8 Biblical Meanings Of Dreaming About Deceased Mother

Biblical Meaning Of Dreaming About Deceased Mother

1) Take Good Care Of Your Children!

If you’re pregnant or already have kids, seeing your deceased mother in a dream could mean that you must live up to her and take care of your children

When you bring children into this world, it is your duty to teach them about right and wrong and protect them from the darkness/evil that’s present in their surroundings. 

You must provide for them and fulfill their needs while also teaching them to grow on their own. 

It’s what your mother did for you, so the universe wants you to keep the cycle going.

2) Fulfill Your Responsibilities!

Frequently seeing your deceased mother in dreams could mean that the universe wants you to look into your responsibilities and fulfill them.

And, yes, even if you’re unaware of them, YOU DO HAVE RESPONSIBILITIES!

It could be anything from providing for your family to making sure your elderly parents are taken good care of. 

Sometimes responsibilities can feel like a lot of burden and pressure but constantly running away from them will only make things worse.

So, it’s always better to stop neglecting them and face them head-on

3) Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Oftentimes, we become a little too comfortable in life, so a push is important to remind us to become more than who we are and get comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

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Losing people you love is that reminder. 

Believe it or not, your mother’s death may be for your better.

Yes, she’s not there with you anymore BUT now you know what it feels like to lose someone close to you.

Realizing this pushes you to start taking life a little more seriously, become emotionally stronger, and, most importantly, realize the value of your time on earth. 

4) You Need To Be More Empathetic

If you happen to see a dream in which your mother was being nice to you or taking care of you like a child, it could mean that you need to start being more empathetic towards people around you

Low empathy can lead to the weakening of important relationships and family bonds since an inability to understand other people’s emotions makes them want to distance themselves from you. 

Think about it, if you were going…

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