9 Signs Of Physical Attraction Between Two People

An attraction between two people doesn’t always require words. It is highly evident in the actions as well. Physical attraction is when two people are falling for each other.

It is the initiation of the new journey of two souls. You can quickly notice the signs of physical attraction between two people.

9 Signs of Physical Attraction Between Two People:

#1: The Light Touch:

Touching is the first sign of attraction. When two people like each other, they look reasons to touch each other. Whether it is a light touch only – for instance, touching their shoulder, back or elbow are sure signs.

#2: Nervousness:

Becoming nervous in front of a person you feel attracted to is a common thing. Self-consciousness makes the person nervous and makes them think whether they would be liked or not.

While considering this, they might run their hand through their hair, or play with their fingers etc.

#3: Smiling:

When two people meet each other and always greet with the smile, then there might be some chemistry going on between them.

Also, whenever their eyes meet, their lips show a special smile that is not for everyone.

#4: The Lip Movement:

This sign is different for different people. Some people lick their lips when they talk to the person they are physically attracted to, while others bite their lips – whether consciously or unconsciously.

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#5: Feet Pointing:

One sign of physical attraction is pointing feet towards each other. Their toes might be touching each other as well.

#6: Fixing the Look:

It happens unconsciously – when two people meet each other and start to fix their appearance. Some examples are adjusting your tie, making their hair look good, checking your lipstick etc.

All this happens because when there’s a physical attraction, people always want to look perfect in front of the other.

#7: Shyness:

Redness of cheek and lowering the gaze – when the person talks – are the sign of physical attraction. Shyness is there because most of the time people want to hide their attraction.

#8: Sweating:

Sweating occurs due to nervousness on meeting the person you feel attracted to. Perspiration shows great nervousness that only happens when a person is physically attracted to someone.

#9: Change of Voice:

You could easily notice the change of voice tone when two people talk together when they are physically attracted.

The male would try to make their voice manlier, and the female would speak in a soft voice. It happens because they want to impress each other by sounding as cool as they could be.

The use of words also changes. People mostly use the best words possible when they are with the person they feel attracted to.

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These are the significant signs of attraction, but there are other signs as well like copying each other, trying to look strong, continuous eye contact, sitting with each other silently, showing same interest, understanding each other’s sarcasm, having mutual respect and laughing together.

Physical attraction is impossible to hide because when words don’t show it, actions do.

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