Are Twin Flames Opposites?

Twin flames are split from the same soul as mirror expressions of that soul, destined to ascend and unify together to reform the original soul.

Twin flames are inextricably linked by an unbreakable spiritual connection – termed the silver cord – that pulls and holds them on the spiritual plane.

These twin flames – or twin souls, as they are sometimes known – are frequently described as “mirrored souls” or “complement souls”, leading to the common misconception that twin flames are opposites. In fact, they are far more alike than they are opposite.

But, like any common misconception, it stems from a nugget of truth. In this case, it is the misunderstanding of the concept of the mirror or complementary souls that leads to this misconception.

Mirror Souls

Here is an exercise: Find a mirror and stand in front of it. Take a look at your reflection and note how it is, obviously, your reflection looking back at you.

What you may not notice or realise is that your reflection in a mirror is not actually how you appear to others.

The image you are seeing is mirrored, meaning that what appears to be your reflection’s left eye is actually your right eye.

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To see the difference more starkly, hold up a picture of yourself (not taken in a mirror) next to your reflection.

You can see the differences between your reflection and an image of you captured without reflection. The picture is much closer to how we actually appear to others.

We can use this to get an idea of what “mirror souls” actually means.

The subtle differences between an image of us and our reflection can be used as a metaphor for the mirror relationship between twin flames.

Every part of them may be a mirror image of us, but as a whole, we are quite identical – or as near as is possible.

Of course, the difference between reflections in the mirror and the soul is that we cannot directly see the soul.

More Shared Than Not

In reality, we share a whole lot with our twin flame concerning spiritual goals, desires and needs.

We may even share backgrounds or similar childhoods. We will certainly share interests and passions. All the stuff that matters.

But there are ways in which we are opposites.

Often, there will be a difference in maturity. One twin flame will almost always be far more mature than the other.

This is a key thing within the twin flame relationship as both twin flames need to adjust themselves – either gaining the maturity required to be a responsible adult or rediscovering the childlike joy that many people who grow up too quick sorely need.

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And there are other ways twin flames are opposite or complementary.

The thing to remember is that these mirroring or oppositions are surface level and are only there to serve a purpose.

We might often feel at odds with our twin flame – especially in the early days – but it is our similarities and not our differences that provide the fulfilment we experience within the twin flame relationship.

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