Let Reiki Be Part of Your Life’s Passion and Gifts

Our world seems to be going through a very difficult period for many reasons. It is sad to see the division and lack of kindness and civility at times. I have always believed even before the loving energy of Reiki entered my life that love, kindness, listening and giving were important to one’s self and each other. Reiki has only strengthened those beliefs.

One way I have found to deal with this troubling time is to write poetry and share it with my family, friends and the community. I make Reiki a part of my writing by infusing it as I start, refresh it while writing and close with it when finished. My “Togetherness” poem has helped me to share my feelings during these trying times.


Sad our country has become divided
slipping backwards and not together
each must fix what is dividing
helping us to heal and work together

Hearts are sad by what is seen and heard
civility has disappeared – is it lost
strangers and friends are not sharing
drawing lines in the sand without caring

You can be you and I can be me
disagreeing without losing
love and friendship for the other
growing closer in the end

Let us try to find our way
respecting and caring
learning and listening
disagreeing without anger and hate
coming to a place of understanding

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Man, woman, friend and foe
no respect at times is shown
strive to bring it back
respect for our differences

Let us be a student
listening and learning from each
be willing to have a give and take
do not wait let it happen today

Under a flag that protects us
united we can be as we listen
with calmness and respect
having the heart of give and take

If you disagree, do your research
let your stand be based on fact
open a learning dialogue you may be
amazed at what you receive

Emotions and feelings are important
anger and viciousness serves no one
brings only distance with
closing of heart and mind

No one hears the other
standing firm and cannot penetrate
listen, truly listen to the words
with an open and respectful heart

Labels are placed on you and me
we are not what they say
can’t you see – we are individuals
with caring and loving concern
regardless of what the label may be

Listen to learn all sides
compromise is not the enemy
it allows us to see and accept
many sides of what is said
with caring and respect

Hear me, hear me
I care about you
you care about me
let us work together
accepting our differences
for love and peace

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Let Reiki Be Part of Your Life’s Passion and Gifts

I believe by sharing we learn from each other and find respect for each other which expands the oneness and goodness of spirit and the universe with love. If we stop trying, I fear what the future might bring. Let us share Reiki’s healing energy and all our gifts to make it a more caring, giving, loving and together world.


Article by Patti Barker Kierys

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Patti Barker Kierys is a Reiki Master-Teacher, artist and author. She is trained in all levels of Usui Reiki and is certified in Ligtharian Reiki I…

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