Blocked Heart Chakra Symptoms: 4 Signs To Look Out For

In this article we discuss blocked heart chakra symptoms. The heart chakra –  or Anahata in Sanskrit, meaning “unhurt” – is a subtle body energy centre. Located next to the heart right in the middle of the chest.

It governs our connections with others and the emotions we have regarding our relationships.

Most commonly associated with love, the heart chakra links the upper chakras to the lower chakras, providing a link between the more primal energies and the higher energies governing spirituality and purpose.

Blocked Heart Chakra Symptoms

When the energies of our heart chakra are blocked, we can experience a range of symptoms.

We have listed the important ones below.

Lack Of Empathy

A lack of empathy for others, or an inability to identify with people and understand their struggles, maybe as a result of the blocked heart chakra.

This is a concern if it is uncharacteristic for us to behave or feel like this.

Some people are just less empathetic than others, and having a tendency towards low empathy does not necessarily mean the heart chakra is blocked.

But if it is abnormal for us, or it is making our lives less fulfilling or happy, then there may well be a blockage in the energies of our heart chakra.

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Shyness & Solitude

A blockage not only suppresses our ability to understand others but also damages our attitude towards communication.

When blocked, the heart chakra often manifests in us a decrease in social confidence or an increase in shyness, meaning that we get less out of time socialising.

It also manifests as a desire to be alone.

This is a natural response to the blocked heart chakra and is directly related to the drive this energy centre imbues us with to forge connections with people.

With a blocked heart chakra, the energies that make the all-important spiritual connections are unable to wield the energies involved in doing so correctly.

Lack Of Forgiveness

We also suffer from a sudden decrease in our ability to forgive people. This extends from the lack of empathy in that we forget that people are just people and will make mistakes.

The blockage damages the sense of kinship and love for each other in the heart chakra.

We might notice this in ourselves when we hear comments like “You need to let that go” or “You’ve been awfully short with me for a while now”.

Our inability to forgive people for minor transgressions and mistakes makes us hold the grudges we would usually let go of, colouring our future relationship with that person.

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And that is the best indicator that we have a blocked heart chakra – our relationships suffer.

When we are having difficulty in all of our relationships, when we find it difficult to love, when we catch ourselves trading kindness for self-absorption it may well be that we need to pay our heart chakra a little attention. Look for the blocked heart chakra symptoms mentioned above.

We recommend meditation, healing crystals like rose quartz, and aromas like a lemon for focusing the energies and mind as well as mint for sharpening the senses.

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