Guide To Opening The Crown Chakra

The crown chakra – or Sahasrara – is the seventh, and last, of the primary chakras that define our subtle body.

These chakras are the energy centres within our body that connect us to the various facets of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes on which we all simultaneously exist.

It is located on the top of the head, or the crown – which is, of course, where it gets its name. It is commonly represented by a white aura, though gold and clear light are not uncommon presentations.

It represents universality, unity, spirituality and higher states of consciousness.

In essence, it is our body’s primarily link with the spiritual world and the higher dimensions, as well as our connection to the Source consciousness from which we all sprang.

This final chakra is the last one most of us manage to open. Here is our guide to opening the crown chakra:

Lay The Groundwork

Before opening the crown chakra, we must ensure our other chakras are opened. This is because the crown chakra is sensitive to blockages and requires the energy flow from the lower chakras to properly open itself.

There are guides on this site for all of the other chakras should we need more information on how to do that.

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Prepare The Environment

We are going to enter into a deep meditative state, so we must find a place in which we can do that without distraction.

At home is usually best for chakra healing and opening, but for the crown chakra, we recommend a spot in nature.

The preferred spot would be a high place like on a mountain or near a canyon, but it is not always possible to do this, so any place in nature where we know we will not be disturbed is perfectly fine.

We may wish to bring some healing crystals for the process, preferably a violet or blue stone such as amethyst or some crystal quartz varieties.


We then enter a meditative state, calling upon our spirit guides to assist us in our endeavour.

We ask to be shown the universality of consciousness, the power of introspection, and the sacred goal of unity.

We reflect upon the oneness of all things and let our body dissolve into our surroundings.

We forget where our skin ends and the air around it begins. We inhabit our spiritual selves, our subtle body, and release our grip on the ego that governs our physical lives.

We remind ourselves that no being is above us. We remind ourselves that no creature is below us. We tell ourselves that we are totality and totality is so much bigger than us.

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And when we are done, we reflect on what we have learned.

This might take a few tries. But do not worry, there is no need to rush. It may take weeks, months or even years to open our crown chakra fully. Then again, it might take minutes.

Every spiritual journey is unique. And when you have opened your crown chakra, you will be one huge step closer to enlightenment and ascension.

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