Emotional Aromatherapy Or How Essential Oils Affect Our Emotions

What really makes us different from a computer is the ability to feel and experience different types of emotions. Emotions are inescapable part of us, humans. They are often responsible for our actions, choices, and they definitely have a serious impact on our lives, our happiness, well being and even our physical health. Until now emotions are still remain somewhat mysterious. There is no exact explanation to what they are and how they are created and what really triggers them.

We all have our unique personalities and unique past experiences, therefor we will experience different emotions in different unique ways. And we will express these emotions in our own way, or may even not express them at all. In any case, emotions have a huge influence on our behavior, our motivation, choices, perception of the world, our thinking and our responses. Emotions can have both negative and positive effect on our life. Suppressed emotions can seriously affect our life by impacting both our psychical and emotional health. And of course its needless to say that suppressed emotions will bring the emotional imbalance and disharmony within ourselves, as well as can create physical illnesses.

No matter of your choice on how to react or respond to certain emotion but the fact is that you can’t avoid having emotions. So what are emotions? From scientific point emotions are complex, multi-factorial responses that are triggered by multiple mechanisms and stimuli. And what makes is so damn hard to understand them is that they are dependent on a multiple factors, causes and situations.

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Simply speaking, emotions are our responses to the environment we are in, situations, experiences, believes, surroundings, attachments, instincts and many other factors which affect our lives and our perception.

There are however many ways to deal with our emotions. And the beauty of it is that there is no right or wrong way to it. What works for one person may not work for another. Some people, like myself, find it very effective to do physical exercises in order to release negative emotions, some may find it good to meditate or be left alone, some may want to share their emotions with others, like with a friend for example, some may start having unhealthy habits like drinking or using drugs in order to numb the emotions. As you can see the way we cope with our emotions will vary from person to person.

Experiencing positive emotions helps us to improve the quality of our life and well-being while negative emotions, which also can motivate us to act in order to uplift the mood and improve the quality of life, can negatively affect our psychical body, emotional and mental  health if not dealt properly.

Now lets get to the point, what aromatherapy has to do with our emotions and how it works. Aromatherapy at this point works via olfactory system. Everything is made up of molecules, and so does aromas. To put it simply, when we inhale an odor molecule…

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