Reiki and Marriage

Article by Sunita Gupta

We all know that a healthy marriage is very significant to have a healthy society. There are so many dreams about your future you weave with a marriage / your future life partner. During the few initial years of marriage it looks like a fairytale but soon the charm or the glamour starts fading away the moment we come close to the ground realities of day to day life.

Your day to day life has so many pressures of excelling in the job, staying away from each other as the need of the profession, few family pressures and among so many demands on the life, the relationship somewhere starts crumbling.

And in the process the couples allow the bitterness, anger, and despair to enter into their relationship. The marriage which was designed to bring happiness, security, and joy into your life, suddenly becomes a disappointment and battleground. What to do when this deadly acid of emotions starts eating into your relationship thus building immense emotional and mental stress into the life?

Here if both the partners are sincere and truthful, Reiki really can be of immense help to put the marriage back on track.

Reiki and Marriage

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How Reiki helps …?

Reiki helps to resolve relationship injuries …. With the help of few Reiki sessions, Reiki helps you to heal your emotional wounds, become emotionally stable, and learn to view the whole situation as a witness …. here you are able to see yourself and your partner also. Where the corrective measures need to be taken and with a collective effort, the couple shares a great understanding of each other.

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Reiki thus helps to clear the emotional fog and helps you to look at the situation with clarity, honesty, and with compassion; you learn to accept and respect each other with their imperfections.

Since, marriage is not only a life partnership but also a karmic bondage, marriage gives you an excellent opportunity to release you of your karmic ties with love, forgiveness and thus leads you towards liberation and here lies the significance of Reiki which brings balance of emotions and helps to deal with the stress, positively and effectively.

Why is this so traumatic and held onto for so long?

Again in case of few marriages where the relationship has become so toxic due to physical, mental or emotional abuse, but due to some, or the other reason people continue in to such relationship in the hope that one fine morning things will change but it doesn’t happen that way till you ask a question from yourself … why this trauma to be held so long?

Again Reiki comes for your rescue by helping you to stabilize mentally, emotionally and thus helps you to look into the situation with clarity, and gives you the courage to walk out of such a demeaning relationship thus helping you to live with dignity.

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I have found main traditional symbols of Usui Reiki very helpful…
  • DKM with which a healer invokes the blessing of supreme intelligence.
  • CHK the symbol with which we invoke the blessing of…

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