How Gratitude Can Help You Lose Weight

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The Law of Attraction is based on several universal truths. One of these truths that might not have occurred to you as something that can help you lose weight is gratitude.

I’m not talking about being grateful for your new body as if it was already yours now (i.e., acting as if). That’s certainly a powerful way to help you lose weight with the Law of Attraction.

Rather, I’m talking about the energy of gratitude.

The feeling of gratitude raises your vibration. When you feel grateful for something, your relationship to it changes.

What Does Gratitude Have to Do With Your Weight?

Think back to the last meal you ate. Were you aware of how it tasted? Were you fascinated by the different textures and flavors? Did you appreciate how it nourished you and gave you health and vitality? Did you feel good about eating it?

Or did you wolf it down so quickly you barely noticed the flavor? Did you feel bad, guilty, or ashamed for eating it? Did you criticize yourself for eating too many calories? Did you judge the food for not being healthy enough? Do you think what you ate will make you fat?

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These are important questions because how you feel about the food you eat affects your body.

When you feel good about your food, when you express appreciation and gratitude for it, your emotions are reflected in how your body reacts to what you eat…even causing you to gain or lose weight based on how you feel.

The Secret to Losing Weight with Gratitude

Food isn’t about obsessing over what you should or shouldn’t eat. It isn’t about eating bland, boring food. It isn’t about depriving yourself of yummy tasting foods. The Universe didn’t create food that tastes good for you to avoid it in order to be thin. It didn’t make fat taste great to torture you.

Food doesn’t exist to help you suppress your emotions or avoid boredom. It isn’t there for you to stuff it down faster than you can taste it.

Food is supposed to be pleasurable. Each meal is meant to be a love affair.

If you love chocolate, but feel guilty when you eat it because you think it will make you fat, eating chocolate doesn’t benefit you. How you feel when you eat chocolate indicates that eating chocolate won’t help you lose weight. The chocolate isn’t the problem. How you feel about the chocolate is the problem.

If you want to lose weight, you can’t feel bad about the food you eat. Even if you starve yourself or live on low-fat, salt-free, flavorless food to lose weight, any weight loss will be temporary. Your negative emotions about what you eat will not keep you in vibrational alignment with being thin. In fact, if you eat to deal with emotions, the negative emotions that such a diet brings up can lead to binge eating and weight gain.

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The food isn’t the issue. Weight loss is not about what you eat. It’s how you feel about food that is the key to weight loss.

That’s where gratitude comes in. When you feel grateful for the food you eat, you change how you feel about food.

But it goes beyond saying “thank you” for the food you eat. You can’t simply say the words “thank you.”

Gratitude is a feeling. Unless you actually feel grateful, effortless, permanent weight loss will remain elusive.

Tips for Using Gratitude to Lose Weight

  • Before you eat, take a moment to feel grateful for the food before you.
  • Eat with your senses. Smell your food. Look at it. Taste it. Notice the textures as you eat, how your food feels in your mouth. Listen to how crunches in your mouth. Really savor your food.
  • Show up fully at your meal. No multi-tasking.
  • Appreciate the work that went into making your meal – the soil that nourished it, the farmer who grew it, the store that sold it, the person who prepared it…
  • Feel gratitude towards yourself for choosing to eat the meal.
  • Delight in how your body is gaining nourishment from the food – your organs, your muscles, your bones, your skin. See the food you’re eating as going in and giving you the best body it can.
  • Delight in your food, and when you’re done eating, let it go. Don’t hold onto it in your mind, obsessing over how much you ate, feeling guilt, shame, regret or worry. Eat your meal with pure pleasure.
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This can take as much time as you want it to take. The amount of time isn’t what it is important. What’s important is feeling gratitude, allowing it to raise your vibration, and getting in alignment with the food you eat.

It may take practice to do this on a consistent basis. But as you do it, you will see the foods you eat will naturally change. If you believe ice cream is bad for you, you will notice you naturally stop eating it because it loses its appeal. If you abhor rice cakes, you will find yourself naturally reaching for foods that are healthy for you, but that…

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