Hair Falling Out Dream Spiritual Meaning: 9 Warning Messages

Have you ever dreamt about your hair falling out? 

A pretty terrifying sight, right? 

Most people would agree that it is probably up there with dreams about being chased by ghosts or falling from a building. 

In today’s article, we’ll discuss all about this dream including its spiritual importance and the different hidden meanings it carries. 

So, let’s jump straight into it, shall we?

What Does It Mean To Dream About Hair Falling Out?

Hair Falling Out in a Dream

Well, if we put aside spirituality for a moment, dreaming about your hair falling out might simply mean that you fear losing hair

This could be because you’ve seen hair loss in your family over the years or started experiencing hair loss yourself.

However, you’ll be surprised to know that hair loss is quite a common fear among people! And it has been categorized under the term “peladophobia” which is the fear of baldness or even bald people

Spiritual Meaning Of Hair Falling Out In A Dream

Spiritual Meaning Of Hair Falling Out In A Dream

Dreaming about hair falling out is definitely NOT a good spiritual sign.

It signifies feeling powerless and a loss of control over your life. 

This may be happening because of several reasons, including:

  • Uncertainty;
  • Overwhelming emotions;
  • Or uncontrollable impulse.

You may also feel that instead of figuring out your own direction, you let other people’s judgments, remarks, opinions, and ideas control you and your life’s direction, which may ultimately lead to feeling powerless. 

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Dream Of Hair Falling Out In Clumps:

If you’ve recently dreamt about your hair falling out in clumps, it may be a warning about impending doom and incoming negative changes in your life. 

Soon after this dream, you may:

  • Lose your job and get fired;
  • Have a nasty breakup/divorce;
  • Lose money or a valuable item that means a lot to you;
  • See your loved ones in danger.
  • Have extreme anxiety or panic attacks or even enter depression. 

These occurrences/events may take some time to unfold and become apparent which is why it would be a good idea to be extra careful the next couple of days.

Dream Of Hair Falling Out In Chunks:

Dreams about hair falling out in chunks may signify feeling physically or emotionally vulnerable and unsafe.

Now, you may think this is happening because you keep overthinking!

Or because you are creating scenarios in your head… Or pondering over your emotions but actually, your social interactions, lifestyle, and the problems/stress you may be dealing with also play a huge role in this. 

Constantly feeling unsafe, threatened, and uncertain causes our bodies to react by pumping high amounts of cortisol and adrenaline which may severely hinder sleep, cause restlessness and affect mental health. 

Dream Of Someone Else’s Hair Falling Out:

Dreaming about another person’s hair falling out could signify revengeful, hostile, and hateful behavior

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It means that you’re ready to do just about anything to seek revenge from someone who might’ve:

  • Insulted you;
  • Fought with you;
  • Or just didn’t treat you well in the past.

You may be constantly thinking about the perfect revenge, plotting against them, and trying your best to make their life hell.

This particular someone may also be the person whose hair may be falling out in the dream. 

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9 Warnings & Spiritual Meanings Of Hair Loss In Dreams

The negative messages from hair loss in a dream

1) You Get Overwhelmed & Emotional Fast

If you dream about hair loss frequently, it may signify that you get overwhelmed and emotional quite easily

Although this may sound like something out of the ordinary, getting overwhelmed quickly is simply human nature.

Some people just have more control over themselves and know how to put a stop to their emotions at certain times whereas others may not be able to. 

Some other common signs of this may include: 

  • Being easily irritable and losing your temper at the smallest things;
  • Bursting into tears every time someone insults you or raises their voice;
  • Constantly avoiding certain people who bring back overwhelming memories;
  • Not being able to handle criticism well.
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2) You Fear Loss & Failure

One of the most common meanings of experiencing hair fall in your dreams is that you fear loss and failure

You may be that type of guy who studied hard at school, got a degree, works a job, lives paycheck to paycheck, and avoids anything out of the ordinary because “what if it fails?”, right?

Well… Let me tell you something: 

Although it is normal human nature to fear loss and failure, you’ll eventually need to come to terms with the fact that, in life, NOT trying or making an effort is a much bigger failure than trying and then failing.

So, go out there, take baby steps, and keep a safety net but MAKE SURE TO AT LEAST TRY!

3) A Loved One Is…

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