9 Spiritual Meanings Of A Car Being Stolen In A Dream

Did you just recently have a dream about your car being stolen? 

Well, what if I told you that it wasn’t just a dream but a special message, a warning, or a hint from the universe to you?

In this article, we’ll discuss the spiritual importance and different hidden meanings behind dreaming about a car being stolen. 

So, let’s dive right into it, shall we?

I Dreamt That My Car Was Stolen! What Does It Mean?

Stolen car

If you dreamt about your car being stolen last night, it may mean that you have or own something that doesn’t belong to you.

No, don’t worry! It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a thief but is just an indicator that you may possess something that wasn’t meant to be yours. 

It could also mean that the relationship you’re currently in won’t last in the long term since the person you’re with may not be written for you or to be in your life.

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9 Spiritual Meanings Of A Car Being Stolen In A Dream

Spiritual Meaning Of A Car Being Stolen In A Dream

1) You Don’t Feel Safe

If it isn’t already obvious, dreaming about a car being stolen signifies fear and uncertainty.

It means that you don’t feel safe either physically, mentally, or emotionally. 

Now, there could be tons of reasons behind this but some of the most common ones include: 

  • Childhood trauma;
  • Sexual Assault;
  • Domestic Abuse;
  • Anxiety Disorders;
  • Schizophrenia;
  • Other complex/specific mental health problems.
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As petty as the issue of feeling unsafe may sound, it could possibly have some pretty gnarly outcomes, such as:

  • leeplessness;
  • Anxiety;
  • Depression;
  • And even heart attacks!

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2) You Have Insecurities Within You

As humans, we all have certain insecurities within ourselves.

These could include: 

  • Insecurity in relationships;
  • Social life;
  • Body image or physical appearance;
  • Weight;
  • Finances.

However, if you’ve been dreaming about a car being stolen, it may signify that your little heart is filled to the brim with insecurities.

You may often come across negative thoughts in your head either doubting a certain aspect of yourself or failing to accept it as it is. 

Too many insecurities could also lead to severe consequences… Just like jealousy, defensive behavior, low confidence or self-esteem, bottled emotions, and possibly even depression! 

This is why you must ponder over the root cause of your insecurities and work towards overcoming or completely accepting them

3) You’re Afraid Someone Will Take Something Important Away From You

Dreams involving a car being stolen may signify the fear that someone will take away something important from you

It could be the piece of jewelry you own, your brand-new car, an important asset, or whatever there is that means a lot to you.

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This type of insecurity may also come under the radar of feeling unsafe! And it could, again, lead to negative outcomes like defensive behavior, temperamental issues, restlessness, and even hinder sleep.

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4) You Have Had A Loss Of Great Value In The Past

If you’re dreaming about a car being stolen, it may hint towards the fact that you’ve probably had a loss of great value in the past

Your money, laptop, phone, car, or something even bigger!

Just like your business or house may be taken away from you in the past and you constantly keep overthinking about it… Which is why you may come across such dreams at night!

Nonetheless, the dream could also be a sign that you need to let go of negative occurrences that took place in the past and divert your thoughts and vision towards your present and the better days ahead. 

5) You Are Afraid Of Losing Your Relationship

Dreaming about a car being stolen while in a relationship may not be a good sign. 

It signifies insecurity and fear of losing your relationship also known as “relationship anxiety”.

There could be countless reasons why you may be feeling this way but the most prominent ones are:

  • Past heartbreaks;
  • Abandonment trauma;
  • The suspicion that your partner may be cheating;
  • Ineffective communication and expression of feelings;
  • Hurtful behavior by your partner. 
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Having a constant fear of losing your relationship is a telltale sign that your relationship is not on the right track or how it should be.

6) You Feel You Don’t Deserve What You Have

Dreaming about a car being stolen may signify feeling unworthy and undeserving of what you have

Oftentimes in life, we have the sudden urge to put all our deeds, efforts, hard work, and dedication on the scale and conclude that we don’t deserve what we have. 

This may be an outcome of severely undervaluing/underestimating yourself and your efforts or simply just having something that you think is too good to be yours

Either way,…

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