How To Heal A Crown Chakra Blockage

The crown chakra is present at the seventh number in the list of all chakras. It is present at the top of the head and known as the gateway to spiritual wisdom.

This chakra is your connection to the universal energy. A blocked crown chakra is associated with a number of problems including emotional distress and limited spiritual growth.

Crown Chakra Blockage | How do you Know Your Crown Chakra is Blocked?

There are numbers of symptoms associated with the crown chakra blockage. It is not necessary that you have these symptoms when your chakra is completely blocked.

They could be present even when the imbalance of the chakra starts:

• Inability to set goals
• Life seems without direction
• Isolation becomes the best partner
• No spiritual connection
• Feeling lost

There are many physical symptoms as well including:

• Alzheimer’s disease
• Recurring headaches
• A migraine
• Nerve pain
• Insomnia
• Depression

How to Heal Blocked Crown Chakra?

There are many methods that can help you to heal a blocked crown chakra. You can select any of the below-mentioned methods, but practising them, again and again, is the key to success.


One way to heal your blocked crown chakra is through meditation.

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When you are meditating, visualise a violet or white coloured light present at the top of your head; this will clean the blockage.

But meditation will only help you when you do it daily. You can also visualize a white lotus on your head; it is the symbol of the crown chakra.

Crown Chakra Stones:

The crown chakra stones are diamond, amethyst, quartz and all the white or purple stones. Wearing a healing stone improves healing energy and removes the blockage.

You can either wear it in the form of jewellery or can keep the stone with you when you meditate.

Do Good Deeds:

Doing good deeds with others is the best source to balance your crown chakra. Do random acts of kindness; it will help you to achieve inner peace.

It produces other benefits as well including lowering anxiety and blood pressure.


Doing yoga daily is helpful in healing this chakra. The best yoga poses for crown chakra healing are inverted asanas. You need to practice slow and focused breathing as well while doing yoga.

Reconnect with Yourself:

To do this, you need to follow your intuition. You should know your inner voice to know your requirements.

But to do so, you should completely get rid of all the negativity present around you. The major negativities are abusive relationships, stressful jobs, repressed emotions etc.

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You can also do this by enjoying your hobbies.

Spend Time with Nature:

Spending time with nature will nurture your soul. Try to go for a walk in a park or take a vacation and go camping if you can. Everything that is not materialistic will help you to reconnect with your crown chakra.

Art and Music will Help:

Music nourishes your soul. Go for the music that you find soothing. It will aid the healing of your crown chakra. Art is another way to connect with your inner self.

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