Can Other People See Chemistry Between Two People?

The question spiritual unite readers seem to ask is, “can other people see chemistry between two people”.

Chemistry is the brainchild of love. Love is a perennial emotion that persists with or without it. You can even feel drawn towards someone you’re not necessarily going to fall in love with.

Everyone is in pursuit of a soul-mate or a twin flame, someone who can give them a shot at eternal bliss. And in that desperate chase, sometimes, they confuse chemistry with love.

People notice a lot of things about us. Whenever we get close to someone, they’re the first ones to tease us and point out our affection towards them.

Can Other People See Chemistry Between Two People?

Based on personal experience, they are easily able to judge if we’re attracted towards someone. Chemistry is blatantly revealing, whereas love is hard to figure out.

So can other people see chemistry between two people? Yes, certainly! If we exhibit the following behaviours, our friends or people close to us can quickly get wind of our secret.

You fade away into a world of your own

When you’re with someone you like, you are completely immersed in their presence.

You’re so consumed in them that you fail to acknowledge the presence of your close friends and family.

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You find their gaze so bewitching that you forget about everything that exists in the outside world.

Sometimes, you’ll just zone out and become all dreamy when they’re talking to you. Even a bystander can tell you that “You’ve got a thing for them”. It’s that obvious!

You just need an excuse to get close to them

We let countless opportunities slide by in our lifetime, but when we’re really into someone, we pounce at every chance to spend some time with them.

If you are stocked with work and have a busy schedule, and you still find time for someone special in your life, then you have a thing for them.

People notice when you ditch movie time and a guy’s night out for them. You can deny it all you want, but spending long hours with someone, without getting bored, is a sign of strong chemistry.

Saying Good-bye is hard

Departing from each other’s company even if you’re going to meet again in a few hours is excruciatingly hard when you have strong chemistry with someone.

You literally want time to cease in its footsteps when you’re lying next to them. There is this strong urge to be with each other at all times, and it refuses to subside.

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Even if you have unresolved emotional conflicts, instead of rotting away in solitude, you choose to argue with them, just to get one more glimpse of their enchanting eyes.

They drive you mad

They don’t have to turn you on to make you go crazy for them.

Even when you’re sitting in utter silence, you feel so emotionally and physically attracted towards them that your senses go out of control, and you can’t help but pounce on them like a lovesick puppy.

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