How To Make Someone Think Of You Non Stop

Do you wish you were on a certain somebody’s mind all the time? Making someone think of you non-stop is certainly possible if you are committed to it.

Of course, this is only going to work with someone interested in you in the first place.

If you want to supercharge a budding relationship by making someone think of you non stop, then this is what you should do:

Stand Out From The Crowd

For this to work, they need to have a strong image of you in their mind.

This doesn’t mean how you look, though that certainly will play a part and knowing how to look your best can be important.

It’s more about displaying your personality with confidence. Confident people stick in your mind easier as their character is more defined in the other person’s mind.

Build Intimacy

The idea here is to build an etheric cord by sharing personal information about your thoughts and feelings.

Talking about childhood is an innocuous way to begin a conversation that goes this way.

So much of our feelings about things are formed when we are young, so knowing about a person’s childhood can help you to understand and connect with them.

Be careful not to scare them off, though. Getting too personal too quickly can make people defensive.

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Be The Person They Turn To

Everybody has problems, and everybody needs help. Being willing to help someone strengthens connections and brings you up to their list of priorities.

Associate your energy with kindness and altruism, but don’t lie about who you are, anyone will see straight through it. This will help later on.

Strengthen Etheric Cords

Having established a proper connection, you can now start the process of making them think about you non stop.

There are many ways you can strengthen etheric cords so that you are more successful.

Use your cosmic meditation, when you draw energy from the Source, to charge the connection that links you with positive energy.

After a while, you will notice your connection growing stronger as your relationship becomes closer.

Send Your Energy

Once you have a secure enough etheric cord connection, you can start to flood them with your energy.

This will only work if they are open to your energy, so make sure you have built the proper connection before trying this.

First, enter a meditative state. Focus your mind on your shared connection, draw energy through your root chakra and allow it to flow through.

As the Source energy picks up your signature, it will travel through the etheric cord and into the other person.

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The emotional energy you send is significant. Your state of mind should be positive, or you risk sending negative emotion with your energy and creating a bad association.

Ideally, you will send your real thoughts and feelings to them, in the hope that it boosts within them the same thoughts and feelings for you.

But no matter what, as long as you have a strong enough connection, and you are honest with good intentions, then they will at least be thinking about you all the time.

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