How to Manifest from the Heart

Understanding how to manifest from the heart is one of the secrets to making the Law of Attraction work every time.

Of course, things like belief and visualization are important components of the Law of Attraction, but it’s when you start manifesting from the heart that you really begin to see results.

You see, relying on visualization, belief, affirmations, and positive thoughts uses only one type of manifesting energy – mind energy. While it is possible to manifest simply with the power of your mind, it’s so much easier and faster to manifest with heart energy.

When you tap into heart energy, you automatically line up all the mental elements of the Law of Attraction.

You automatically think positive thoughts.

You automatically believe you will manifest your desire without any doubt whatsoever.

You automatically open yourself to receiving your desire.

All the things you struggle to do on a daily basis with mind energy happen naturally when you know how to manifest from the heart.

There is no struggle. There is no resistance. There is no doubt.

That’s the power of heart energy.

What is Heart Energy?

Heart energy is an all-consuming energy that makes life easier, smooths over any obstacles, and open doors to possibility. It takes care of all of the details so you don’t have to do anything but enjoy the ride.

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Using heart energy is aligning with the Universe. It’s true oneness with potential – the potential to be, do and have anything.

When you know how to manifest from the heart, you know how to tap into the energy that truly has the power to move mountains – it knows no limits.

Yet very few people know how to manifest from the heart and even fewer teach it.

It isn’t that manifesting from the heart is hard.

It’s that it involves going beyond what you see and going within, to that quiet place inside of you. It requires you to be brave and willing to let go of control. When you do so, you achieve wholeness, become centered, and find internal peace. You also have the ability to manifest ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!

It does take a little time to learn how to manifest from the heart. You have to practice every day at first, but before you know it, it’s as natural as breathing. You will wonder why you ever did it any other way before.

Heart Energy is Not Your Heart Chakra

Green circle in center of the chest is the heart chakra. Image created by Gil Dekel.


Just as mind energy is located in your mind, heart energy is located in your heart, or more precisely, in the same area as your heart chakra which lies in the center of your chest (see image above).

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But it isn’t the chakra system as you know it.

Your heart energy stems from the same area as your heart chakra, but it goes beyond the heart chakra.

You might feel your heart chakra activate when using heart energy, but this chakra only makes up a tiny amount of your heart energy.

It’s a common mistake to think of heart energy as being the heart chakra only. This idea is limiting and can make it difficult for you to fully experience heart energy and its ability to accelerate the Law of Attraction.

If you have a strong background in chakras, you’re aware that we have a lower level heart chakra that has green vibrational energy and a higher level heart chakra that has pink energy, with both chakras being located in the same area.

Please don’t confuse the image above as a reference to the lower level heart chakra. Most people are familiar with the green heart chakra which is why I used the image. I am referring to heart energy in this article, not the heart chakra, so the color is really insignificant.

Don’t worry about how well you understand chakras. None of them are important when it comes to heart energy. Just know that your heart energy will stem from the area of the chest that corresponds to the same area as the heart chakra.

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When I discuss heart energy, I am discussing working with higher level energy. It goes beyond what the majority of people know about manifesting, energy and chakras, and enters into a new field people are only beginning to learn about.

It is this higher level energy that has the ability to manifest. Heart energy is where true manifesting power is found.

When you begin working with heart energy and tapping into it on a regular basis, it will become a part of your life. You will change. Your thoughts will change, becoming more loving and positive in all areas of your life. Try it for yourself and find out!

How to Tap Into Heart Energy

Tapping into heart energy is as simple as:

  1. Focus your attention on the center of your chest. Feel the energy and the love there. This is your heart energy.
  2. Imagine your heart energy expanding…spreading throughout your body until every cell is filled with heart energy. Feel the energy radiating throughout you.
  3. See this energy expanding until it surrounds you. Feel it radiating out from you.

You want to practice this every day until it becomes automatic. Even if you…

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