How to unblock chakras: Steps To Balance Your Chakras

Chakras are pathways for our chi (Life-energy) to flow seamlessly. Every chakra in the human body is a propellant of energy. It is a force that invigorates us, makes us feel alive, and controls different aspects of our body and mind.

It occupies different locations in the human body. These chakras run from your spine to your head and perform vital functions of the body. They control emotions, creativity, intellect and even urinary and bladder functions.

In life, we come across trials and tribulations which form a blockade against the flow of our life energy. This embargo heralds a period of marked stress in our lives.

To bring back harmony and restore balance to our spiritual and physical beings, we must devise ways to dismantle these obstructions and unblock our chakras. There are several methods to achieve this objective. We have listed them below.


Reiki is a Japanese art of healing that alleviates stress and provides a gateway for the universal life energy to penetrate into our bodies and heal our chakra points.

People who are new to chakra unblocking rely on Reiki because it’s relatively easy to master. In this technique, light touch and calming music soothe the patient who is fast occupied in meditation.

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It helps to unlock the sixth and seven chakras and enhances the abilities of intuition.

Sound Healing

Sound healing, as the name suggests involves unblocking of chakras through musical instruments, such as flutes, violins, bells.

The harmonious sounds emanating from these instruments efficiently cleanse or unblock chakra points and revive the dormant capabilities of the mind and soul.

Crystal Therapy

Everything has a natural frequency, from glass to a diamond ring. If two frequencies align, they can amplify themselves. That is how crystals are used to unblock chakra points.

Our frequencies continuously vacillate depending on our moods and emotions. If we hold a crystal that has the same frequency as the vibration of our spirit and mind at a particular moment, we can unblock chakra points inside our body.

For instance, if you’re feeling nostalgic or missing someone close to you, a rose quart can heal your heart and restore balance.


Essential oils such as tea tree oil, frankincense oil (King of oils), lavender oil have been used since ancient times to elevate confidence, treat depression and re-open closed chakra points in our body.

For example, lavender is helpful in remedying sleep problems. The inhalation of these aromatic oils stimulates our senses and emotions and unblocks our chakras.

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Various meditation techniques are used to target specific blockages in our body. Sometimes, sitting alone in silence and directing your soul energy towards specific chakra points can help unblock them.

Journaling your thoughts is a great way to resolve any problems you’re facing mentally or spiritually.

Nutritional Therapy

Some chakras are located in our digestive system, such as the solar plexus chakra. Eating specific foods that cure specific discrepancies in the chi, such as antelopes, mangos, and other healthy fruits and vegetables can perpetuate the chakra unblocking process.

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