What You Need To Know About Chakra Stones

There are seven centres of the body from where energy could enter or leave – these centres are called chakras. They influence the mental and physical health of an individual either positively or negatively.

It is essential to heal the chakras when they get blocked or closed for their proper functioning. One way to heal your chakras is with the use of chakra stones. They are coloured crystals that open and balance chakras.

Like the colours of the rainbow, chakras have different and unique healing colours as well. Different coloured crystals are used to balance the mind and soul through the chakra system.

Every chakra has a frequency of its own distinctive wavelength, and you need to adjust it when it gets out of balance.

When you use gemstones for chakra healing, your soul and mind start to function correctly.  When there’s an energetic balance, you become healthy emotionally as well as physically.

The chakras are present in a line through the middle of our bodies. The first chakra is present at the spine’s base; the next one is above it and so on and on.

Every chakra has a particular colour, and it is said that if you want the stone to work at its full, it is essential to place the stone at the place where that chakra is located.

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It is also suggested to keep the gemstone or crystal near to you-you could put it in your pocket, or place the stone in a pouch and wear it to keep it near always.

All the chakra healing gemstones have special natural properties and they affect the chakra directly. They amplify the energy that is entering the particular chakra and open it or heal it. Here are seven chakras and the colour stones that affect them:

The Root Chakra:

The colour of this chakra is red. The other secondary colours associated with it are grey and black brown. Many stones have these colours, but the most helpful ones are onyx, garnet, ruby, bloodstone, and red jasper.

The Navel Chakra:

The colour of this chakra is orange. Goldstone, carnelian, tangerine quartz and orange zincite could be used to heal this chakra.

The Solar Plexus Chakra:

The colour of this chakra is yellow. You can use yellow calcite, yellow sapphire, citrine, or picture jasper.

The Heart Chakra:

The colour of heart chakra is green, but pink also serves as its colour. The stones that are green or pink in colour would work with this chakra. Chakra stones for this chakra are rose quartz, green calcite, pink Morganite, and green tourmaline.

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The Throat Chakra:

The colour of this chakra is kind of blue like turquoise or aqua colour. But along with that, it is also connected with some lighter shades of blue colour. To balance this chakra, the most useful stones are blue lace agate, turquoise, aquamarine, and angelite.

The Brow Chakra:

The colour of this chakra is indigo and also dark blue shades. The stones that are beneficial for balancing this chakra are lapis lazuli, sodalite, and Hawk’s eye.

The Crown Chakra:

The colour of this chakra is purple, but it also radiates the clear or white colour. For this chakra, the most useful stones are amethyst and clear quartz.

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