Invigorate Your Reiki Practice Even During a Pandemic

Are you experiencing a bit of a downturn in your Reiki practice because of the pandemic? Does social distancing or quarantine have you feeling like you are in a bit of a slump. Do you need to add a bit of energy back to your healing energy practice?

Here are some tips that do not require person to person interactions and can be done from your home.

These suggestions are just to invigorate you and get your creative juices flowing, if you are feeling a bit stagnant, or are just looking for some refreshers.

Create a brainstorming map

First, start off with a brainstorming technique where you create a word map. Get a piece of paper and a writing utensil. In the middle of the paper, write the word, Reiki, and then circle it. Now, start brainstorming. This part doesn’t involve deep thinking. Just quick snap word associations. Or what does Reiki feel, make you think of; the point is to write down some ideas that come to you and are generated by the word Reiki. With each new word association, write it down, circle it, and then draw a line to the word Reiki.

For instance, Reiki makes me think of reflexology. So I have Reiki in the middle of my paper and a line connecting it to the circled word of reflexology. Does reflexology make you think of other words? Mine are; meridians, chi, chakras. So for each of these words, I write them down, circle each one and draw a line to reflexology. So, you start with your main point, Reiki, and from there your word association grows and expands. You could then take the word chakras and think about what ideas that creates, like color, circle, wheel, and as before, these would be written down, circled, and linked back to chakras.

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Invigorate Your Reiki Practice Even During a Pandemic

This is a great exercise for generating ideas and thoughts, to see how they can relate to each other and offer guidance. Use your brainstorming map as a tool for areas that you want to work on, study, or learn about. You can use your map to help get your creativity flowing.

Go online and look up areas of interest for getting a fresh perspective or new ideas

Or did your brainstorming map create a desire to learn about a new modality? Have you wanted to see how meridians work with Reiki? Are you interested in essential oils and Reiki? Starting with the Reiki Rays library as a resource you can find articles or books for this information. Go online and look for other sources. Youtube is also a great resource. I have found tutorials on reflexology, aromatherapy, and more. You can find guided meditations, yoga nidra, and music for Reiki.

Search for online learning platforms

A great tool at your hand is online learning platforms. I absolutely love learning online. You can find excellent classes that are done at your own pace and at your own time. I prefer learning platforms, because they are laid out in a manner that is comprehensive and clear. If, by looking online, you start to run into too many ads, or too many articles that aren’t creating a cohesive method of learning, then see if you can…

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