Kabbalah Numerology – What Is Your Life Path Number?

You may already be familiar with numerology, the energetic meaning and symbolism of numbers. Yet Kabbalah numerology is slightly different to the traditional numerology system.

So what is Kabbalah numerology? 

Kabbalah numerology originated from Hebrew, or more specifically, the Hebrew alphabet. Kabbalah literally translates as “knowledge of the mind and soul.” It is therefore an ancient and almost mystical system.

The intentions of kabbalah numerology is to connect you to your own inner source and power, providing insight, meaning and knowledge for self- discovery.

It can also align you with your soul purpose, true path or real-life direction. Through the wisdom contained you can expand your awareness, intellect and intuition, elevating your consciousness simultaneously.

Unlike traditional numerology which works with numbers, Kabbalah numerology only used your name.

Each letter in the alphabet is assigned a numerological value.

The Kabbalah Numerology Chart:





































Calculating the Numerological Value of Your Name

To find your Kabbalah numerology you should always use your full name given at birth.

This includes your middle name(s) and any double last names.

This is because the name we are given at birth holds great energetic significance. It is a part of our soul print, our unique vibration present when we entered this carnation.

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The numerological value you get should always be reduced down to a single digit.

For example, say your name adds up to 36; the way to determine the single digit is to divide it by 9.

9 is very important in numerology as it is the number of completion, the final digit before cycling back to 10 (1/ 0).

36 divided by 9 is 4. 

The final number should then have 1 added.

This is your Kabbalah numerology number. So in this case, a numerological name of 36 is in fact a Kabbalah number of 5, as 4 plus 1 is 5.

If your name equals an odd number then the best way to approach the determination is to add up the digits until it becomes a single number, like in traditional numerology.

A number such as 39, for example, can be reduced down (or added up) to 3, because 3 + 9 is 12, and 1 + 2 is 3.

Disclaimer: Please note that Kabbalah numerology doesn’t actually mention what to do when your name’s number is an odd number, therefore for the purposes of intuition and being aware of traditional numerology; we have suggested the best way to determine your Kabbalah numerology is to apply the method used in traditional numerology.

The Number System/ ‘Kabbalah Numerology Meanings’

Once you have your final number, your journey of self- discovery, learning and integration can begin!

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Like in traditional numerology, each number has a specific meaning and vibrational quality. Below are the representations and symbolism.

1: Beginnings, Progress & Development, Leadership

2: Harmony, Cooperation, Connection

3: Creativity, Expression, Optimism

4: Practicality, Stagnation, Limitations

5: Creation, Fertility, Freedom & Change

6: Fulfillment, Family & Friendship, Caring

7: Spirit, Enlightenment, Magic & Mystery

8: Abundance, Success, Luck & Charisma

9: Completion, Humanitarianism, Service & Selflessness 

In Kabbalah numerology, the numbers are often seen as lifepaths.

Your life path serves as guidance for your journey in this life. It offers insight, wisdom and a framework for you to follow for your best possible life and alignment.

Looking to the energetic and vibrational qualities of each number will help you determine best courses of action, where your focus and energy should be going, and how to overcome any obstacles.

Getting To Know Your Kabbalah Life Path Number

Knowing your Kabbalah life path number - Numerology

By knowing your life path (Kabbalah numerology) you can make sure that you make the right decisions, never trying to swim against the tide but instead flow with the current.

Kabbalah Number 1:

This represents new beginnings, initiation and primal force.

It is the primordial energy responsible for creation. It is also a highly karmic number and has strong associations with leadership.

People with life path 1 make excellent leaders and should use their raw and creative force for good, or the benefit of others.

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You may be inventive, innovative, or called into leadership in some way. Creativity and personal power are strong with number 1.

Kabbalah Number 2:

This is all about development, progress and evolution. It also relates to teamwork, cooperation and community, it is a very relationship focused number.

Harmony and cooperation in personal or work relationships are essential for your success.

If this is your life path number, you work best when in a productive and mutually respectful partnership….

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