Law of Attraction Reviews: The Whole Truth

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There are a lot of Law of Attraction product reviews out there – from commercial websites to Law of Attraction teachers and coaches – but sometimes their language is geared towards selling you a product…or collecting an affiliate commission – a portion of the profit from any product you buy.

For instance, an affiliate review might describe a Law of Attraction DVD as being “a virtual panacea, effortlessly solving all of life’s problems.”

Sounds great, right? But did they even watch the DVD? Can you trust them? Or are they simply trying to get you to open your wallet?

My intention here is to write Law of Attraction reviews in a way that makes sense to people wanting to learn the truth about the Law of Attraction.

If I can give you honest, useful help and advice in writing these reviews, I’ll be happy.

I test all the products I review. I read each book, watch each DVD, listen to each audio… I tell you if it’s good or bad, works or not.

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Finally, if you work for a Law of Attraction related company and would like for me to review one or more of your products, you can reach me through my contact page.

Recent Law of Attraction Reviews:

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