The Seven Nonverbal Signs Of Attraction

When attracting a mate, non-verbal signs play a significant part with any interaction you may have with someone, in fact, you may notice these non-verbal cues as attractive traits.

If you are looking to find out if that individual in your life is attracted to you, then look for these signs.

Nonverbal signs of attraction | The signs

Intimate gaze

What is an intimate gaze? It’s when our gaze drops lower, creating a map between the eyes and the upper part of the chest.

Some call it the suprasternal notch which is the visible dip between the neck and the collarbone.

We secrete pheromones increasing sexual attraction, and they originate from our skin and neck.

Women flirt by playing with their hair and revealing their neck, which sends out pheromones.


Another way to find if the person you are dating is into you is by observing how far away they stand from you.

If they are leaning away from you or they are angling their body away from you, then it’s not a good sign.

How about when you lean in, do they take a step back? Then they have no interest in you.

If they are interested in you, they will angle their body towards you and will try to get closer to you.

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If you lean in then they will do the same, you see we tend to mirror people we are attracted too. Nonverbally this communicates we are on the same level.

This is one of the most important signs you should be aware of to asses if they are attracted to you, remember attraction is always mirrored.

The feet

One of the signs we never notice is the direction of the feet. When you are attracted to someone, your feet tend to point towards them.

One of the nonverbal cues you can look out for, so next time you are standing and chatting with someone you like, observe their feet.


When we are attracted to someone blood tends to flow into our face, causing the cheeks to get red. This one is hard to see, as most women wear blush, for men its quite noticeable. Science says red cheeks, red lips and whiter eyes showcase how attractive someone is.


When someone likes you, they will find excuses to touch you. Touching is the next step in intimacy, and once a connection is established, they might move onto the physical contact.

When they are well into you, and you are comfortable with them, they will try to touch you more often to increase intimacy.

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Well, it’s a tricky one, as most people get this one wrong. A smile can be faked, so what is the key to recognising a polite smile versus a genuine one.

A genuine smile can be seen throughout the face, eyes slightly wide open and the lips are parted. In any case, smiling is good for you.

Final thoughts

It’s quite easy to jump to conclusions. Men are prone to making false judgement when it comes to finding out if a woman likes them or not.

You should observe the above signs in real life scenarios rather than in your head, think carefully before concluding.

If most of the above signs are true for you, then you can test them by taking a step back, if that person wants the intimacy to continue, they will consciously step forward.

Physical chemistry and attraction are great, but it does not bind a lasting relationship, if you want more of a commitment then read this article.

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