Number 15 Meaning – Time To Show Charity And Kindness

The Universe has ways of working, one of them is synchronicity.

This is how the Universe often shows us clues, messages and instructions hidden within numbers.

The number 15 is a standard synchronous number, so we know more about its meaning.

We can decode these messages using numerological techniques, which can help us to understand more about ourselves and our path.

So if you have experienced synchronicity with the number 15, or it is significant in your numerological life chart, here is how you can decipher its significance:

Essence Of 1, 5 & 6

The first thing we have to do is find the essence of the number 15.

By adding the digits of 15 together, we get 1 + 5 = 6. The number 6 is the primary essence of the number 15, holding the most sway over its meaning.

Each of the digits is also important and helps to alter the meaning of the core essence.

The number 1 plays a slightly larger part that the number 5 in 15.

So the essence of the number 15 can be found in the meaning of the numbers 6, 1 and 5 – in that order.

The number 6 relates to unconditional love, empathy, compassion and altruism.

Basically, 6 is concerned with setting aside your desires to tend to the needs of others.

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The number 1 is all about starting something new. It often represents a leap of faith, turning over a new leaf, and taking charge of your destiny.

The number 5 emphasises individual power, unconventional choices and striking out on your own.

So the essence of the number 15 could be put as:

“It is time for you to start something. It should be your project, your responsibility and perhaps a little unconventional.

Above all, it should be for the benefit of others rather than for yourself.”

Let’s be more transparent by looking at a specific example of how this essence could be applied.

Number 15 Meaning: Helping In The Community

Overall, you are pretty content with life. Things are going quite well for you, nothing disastrous is going on in your life.

But a part of you feels a little empty over the whole thing. Perhaps even a little guilty.

As you explore these feelings, you start to notice synchronicity with the number 15.

Here, we can interpret the meaning of 15 as a push towards charity work.

The most important part of the essence is the selflessness and kindness associated with 6.

It should be something new, not just a redoubling of previous efforts – though you might also do that.

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And it should also be unconventional, or a little risky.

It should be your project, something you have created that will do good for other people.

You don’t have to start a charity. Most people can’t do that.

But you might begin visiting homeless shelters and lending a hand, or you might rescue an animal.

The key to the number 15 is in its association with our most noble emotions.

It is a number that reminds us of the good we can do for each other, and the life-affirming satisfaction of having made someone else’s day just a little bit better.

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