Reiki and Soul Shock

Article by Norman W. Wilson, Ph.D.

It seems to me that much has been written about soul shock from twin flames, chasers, and runners’ perspective. That is not my intent here. The human soul, I believe, is a living, breathing part of the human being that survives the body after its death. And because it is a living aspect, it can be shocked. What happens to a shocked soul can be terrifying, debilitating, may result in the soul’s endless wandering throughout the cosmos. It becomes the proverbial lost soul.

Reiki practitioners should check their client for the potentiality of soul shock as the cause of physical and emotional issues. Symptoms of soul shock include unexplained fatigue, feelings of lack-luster, depression, unworthiness, isolation, and loss of weight. A quick and simple way to check for the possibility of soul shock is to do an aura check. A caution here: Many seem to think the soul is housed in the heart. It is not! It is located in the brain. Be sure to check the aura around the client’s head. If you detect brown, it suggests the client is unsettled, nervous; gray suggests dark thoughts, mustard color suggests pain or anger, and white indicates serious disease. Probable readings of these colors also suggest soul shock.

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If the Reiki practitioner identifies any of these colors or their shades it is highly recommended that the client complete a survey, which asks about such things a drug/alcohol abuse, spousal abuse, etc.

Reiki and Soul Shock

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What exactly is soul shock?

At the simplest level, soul shock refers to anything, which has had a devastating impact on the soul. Among those things, which cause soul shock, is the loss of a child, spouse, or sibling. There are those who have such a wonderful and close relationship with another it said they are soul sisters or soul brothers. If one of them suffers a serious illness or death of the body, the other experiences an inconsolable sense of loss. A serious illness or an accident may produce a profound shock to one’s soul; a near death experience, for example. Enter Reiki.

What does Reiki have to offer a person who has suffered soul shock?

The Reiki Master or practitioner can do a general re-direction of energy flow through the body’s natural meridians. Some Reiki’s prefer to start at the client’s feet; others at the head and shoulders. That’s a personal preference, both having a positive impact on the client. Several Reiki, view this as an initial survey of the energy flow of the client’s body. Once this initial survey is completed, Reiki healing energy can be applied directly to the brain where the soul resides. Care needs to be the operative mood here. Too much energy flowing to the brain could cause issues. I recommend no more than ten minutes; then do an auric reading. If negativity is still present, wait a few minutes before continuing the session. It might be helpful to offer bottled water or a cup of tea at this time.

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