Reiki and Moldavite

Article by Reiki Master Sunetra Dasgupta

Hello beautiful souls!

How is everyone doing? Today I am presenting an article which is very close to my heart, plus it may be a bit “controversial” for a few, as many do not believe in the power of the crystal Moldavite.

Moldavite is a beautiful stone found only in Czechoslovakia and is named for the area in which it is found, near the Moldau River (called the Vltava in Czech). The crystal came into existence approximately 15 million years ago. Though there are many controversies which surrounds the crystal as some say it has Extra-Terrestrial energies and few say it has come out of molten lava, the only thing we can all agree upon is that it is one of the most powerful stones/crystals which is known to mankind.

Though Moldavite is known for various uses, it is actually a multipurpose or an all-purpose stone. It can be used to open heart chakra, improve fertility as well as bring down the cynical nature of people. This stone so powerful and yet so gentle, it is a true Goddess Kali stone. For those who do not know, Goddess Kali is an Indian goddess, depicted generally in black or blue colour. She is, highly misunderstood goddess, generally associated with destruction, anger, fierceness, and occult. But she is a very gentle goddess, who is very justice oriented, is a stern but a loving goddess, and makes you work for your wishes to manifest.

Reiki and Moldavite

Image by James St. John

Moldavite in itself is a very powerful stone, but when programmed with Reiki, its power increases much more and helps to manifest wishes faster. I shall share a very simple method on how to program a Moldavite for your use. Example you need to manifest a certain amount within a few days (set a realistic amount)

  1. Light a candle in front of you to just create an ambience, ensure no one disturbs you for at least 5 to 7 minutes.
  2. Take the Moldavite in your non-dominant hand and charge it with all the Reiki symbols, now state your intention and visualise it happening.
  3. Visualise the energy of the Moldavite is spreading to your whole body, feel the vibration, this step is being done, so that each and every fibre of your body is ready for the wish to be manifested.
  4. Remember if your wish is not for your or someone’s highest good, either the Moldavite will break or you shall lose interest in the healing.
  5. This step has to be done for at least 7 days.
  6. Every day after the ritual, keep the Moldavite with yourself, carry it and also you may sleep with it under your pillow.
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I hope you all will give this crystal a chance and let it change your life for the better. Happy Manifesting!

P.S. Please ensure before buying your Moldavite is original and not man-made glass.

Universal Blessings to all of you.

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