Reiki Auric Spray

We are all vibrational beings. In our daily life, each moment we come across with different energy fields at various wavelengths whether it is at home, work, travel, or anywhere else. When our biofield encounters something non-pleasant we experience negative emotions. The reason behind this is our aura got interacted with something unwanted. The vibrations from that unwanted energy field got tangled in our aura. This unwanted energy has created an impact, as it reduced the life force energy of our aura.

The life force energy is an important contributing factor towards wellness. Being an energy channel, it is always recommended to keep the aura pure and vibrant. The easiest way is to use a tool that helps to diffuse negative energy away from our aura. Reiki Auric spray is one of them.

Reiki auric spray is a liquid that is sprinkled or dispersed around any living or non-living electromagnetic field to create a subtle positive effect on the relevant field when diffused.

Things you might need:

  • Glass container
  • Spray bottle
  • Reiki water – Distilled or Tap (with essential oils use only distilled water)
  • Salt
  • Crystals
  • Essential Oils

Distilled water also provides the spray with a longer shelf-life. If you are using essential oils, always make Reiki crystal water first. Remove the crystals from the water then only add essential oils.

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Reiki Auric Spray

How to make Auric spray

  • To begin, you need one glass container to make, and a spray bottle to store. But don’t make yourself limited to, you can transfer from big container to small container for the ease of carrying if you don’t have a spray bottle on hand.
  • Wash your hands.
  • Call your guides or do your Reiki prayer.
  • Express your gratitude to Reiki, water and the other resources
  • Anything that you use must be purified, charged, and empowered with the relevant positive intention by channelling Reiki.
    • Here are a few ideas of different combinations:
      1. Reiki Grounding & Protection spray – Reiki water + Himalayan Rock Salt + Black Tourmaline Crystal + Clear Quartz Crystal: Mix all together in a container and leave it at least for one day to make it effective. Then transfer it to a spray bottle.
      2. Reiki Cleansing spray – Reiki water + Himalayan Rock Salt + Lemon Juice: Mix all together and shake vigorously.
      3. Reiki Love & Joy spray – Reiki water + Rose Petals/Rose Oil: Mix together and shake vigorously.
      4. Reiki Spiritual energy – Reiki water + Frankincense oil: Mix together and shake vigorously.
      5. Reiki Chakra spray – Basic guidelines are the same, but you can name it depending upon the type of crystals or essential oils used for the relevant chakra type. Follow the regular guidelines when working with various crystal type.
      You can make any combination of the above, use the ingredients that you are not allergic to. Do what resonates with you the most.
  • Draw Reiki symbols which you are guided to and infuse Reiki to the final product to make it Reiki Auric spray. You can also charge it with a crystal…

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