Reiki Rituals for Weight Management

First of all, thank you, everyone, for emails and messages. This makes me motivated to keep sharing my new intuitions with you all. I have already written a couple of articles on weight management before and the reason I am writing this, I have explored new mechanisms of weight management during past few years by experimenting on everyone in my workshop.

Trust me, it is very easy to gain weight or lose it. The difficult part is to maintain it at the same level. In my past 14 years from the age of 17, I have lost 14+ kg and I have seen people around me also they lost and gained then lost and keep this cycle on. This happens due to our body is having some basics which we miss while eating and practicing Reiki. I call them Reiki Rituals for Weight Management.

Let me give you numbers in a scientific way. Our body is energy made up of 72% of Water energy, 12% of Earth energy, 4% is Fire and rest 6% each Air and Space. So, if any disturbance in water element mainly causes the weight gain. Other elements then add into this imbalance, as they are disturbed too. This is pure Vedic science. So, weight gain or loss is nothing but change in the water element which is approximately 70% of your body’s weight.

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Now, the first Reiki ritual which we already practice in Reiki, but I want you to share the reasoning how it works. Before we do Reiki practice, we always ask our clients to take a salt-water bath. Why? When salt-water is used to take bath, body gently cleans from outside “the aura” which also has water element. Salt purifies and make bonds with the ions H+ and OH- and removes all the negativity from outside aura. This way, we purify outer aura before going to inside.

Reiki Rituals for Weight Management

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The second Reiki ritual of each Reiki session, we tell our clients to drink a lot of water, this again a reason to make energy reach to each cell. When we send Reiki, sometimes due to too much blockage, it does not reach enough to each cell and sometimes people are impatient to take enough sessions to make it work. Water is boon for this as it breaks all the barriers and reaches to every possible cell and inside it. Like every cell gets enough water, so body automatically gives away whatever is extra and flush the waste with it. This is very important as cleans almost 70% of body simply by these 2 simple rituals. If this applied in everyday practice, it cleans your extra weight without doing something else. It may take a long time depends on body weight you have gained.

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Still, a lot more Reiki can do. Here is the third Reiki ritual. If you have learned Reiki, any level, your Reiki teacher has told you to give Reiki to your food and drinks before you eat it. This ritual purifies the cornerstones of your body-building as whatever you eat become your cells and body. So, if you take purified better form of that, you have automatically made pure from inside without doing this. This is like you are making it pure before it creates cells and energy, so the difference…

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