The Importance of Self-Reiki

As Reiki practitioners, we are the next generation of light-workers and healers that will bring the world into better balance. Self-Healing is an important part of Reiki practice, especially if you identify as an empath. Healing also enables us to better understand ourselves and to increase our spiritual connection to the Divine/Universe. I feel that it is important to set aside at least an hour a day for meditation and self-Reiki, be it in the morning or before you go to bed in the evening.

For me, I feel very much affected by other people’s energies, requiring me to shield and protect my aura using either the Reiki symbols or by visualizing a white light around my body and aura, like a spiritual Reiki shield.

After all, if we do not take care of ourselves first, we cannot treat others and clients to the best of our ability.

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I have divided some healing techniques into three parts that I’d like to introduce to you for your self-Reiki sessions.

Part 1: Meditation and Music

Meditation combined with music helps set the mood and tone for the remainder of the day. I personally prefer instrumental and non-lyrical music when meditating as it helps me get into my inner healing space. Listening to calming music helps set the tone of your self-healing and concentration.

  • As a Universal life energy, instrumental music also complements the energy that is in each and every one of us. Music like our aura, has a unique frequency and affects the tone of the room and person.
  • High-frequency music has the ability to raise your vibration and is a fast and easy way to focus inwards to your inner-self.
  • Calming music can be found via various social media apps or playlists that are wonderful in general.
  • I highly recommend classical, New Age or singing bowl music that you could incorporate into sessions.
The Importance of Self-Reiki

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Part 2: Scanning and protecting your aura

  • Settle comfortably into your self-Reiki practice by placing your hands about two feet away from you. This reaches the edges of your aura and is on the seventh layer of your auric field.
  • Focus on the aura that has more of warmth or a pulsing sensation via your hands. If you feel drawn to a chakra, or perhaps even see a bright pursuit of color in your mind’s eye, it is a sign from the universe to focus more on that chakra. Remember the colors and if you like, you can also write down what you feel or see during or after your practice.
  • Protect your aura by visualizing the Power symbol or the Master symbol surrounding your aura like a shield.
  • If you feel drawn to use one or more Reiki symbols, do so.
  • Ground yourself after your self-Reiki practice. Imagine a deep red color or tree root anchoring you to the ground from your feet down.

Part 3: Give thanks and acknowledge yourself

  • Focus on giving thanks to the Universe and the Reiki practice. Healing starts from within and we have to be…
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