Reiki through Distant Healing

Article by Kala Bashini

This article is a true story of my maid who had depression and constant stress. After counseling with thought, word and deed I realized that her obsessed thoughts are the root cause of her illness.

But nevertheless, she suffered from giddiness and severe migraine. She took painkillers to ease the pain and she got addicted to taking these pills very often. I started to treat her with Acupressure and Acupuncture infusing Reiki.

As her stressful thoughts were overpowering and dominating I found her walking abnormally and her speech was fumbled too. As I felt she was at risk, I informed her brother immediately and sent her home. I told him it was an emergency and she needs to be admitted to a hospital. I also told him to be very careful as it might lead to a stroke which was the symptom I noticed. But after reaching her village the people in her house thought that she was obsessed by an evil spirit and took her to an Exorcist. The Exorcist said that it is not a bad spirit but her depressed thoughts and worries which led to a mental disability and told them to take her to a mental asylum. Her brother did not heed his words and admitted her to a town hospital. Checkups were done and found nothing abnormal so they kept her under observation. When the giddiness occurred again the doctors reacted immediately and took MRI Scan. They found out some abnormality in the brain and immediately put her on medication.

Reiki through Distant Healing

Image by Bernard Spragg. NZ

After two days, she called me one night with breathlessness and said that her stomach is going to burst as it had bloated due to high dosage of medication. Since she could not withstand it she requested me to do Reiki. I immediately felt it was an emergency and rushed to my Altar to send Distant Healing.

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Procedure of Healing

  • Firstly I invoked God, Masters, Archangels and spiritual helpers to help, heal and protect myself and my maid to bless her for the highest good and let the divine will workout.
  • I connected first to distant healing symbol HSZSN and then cleansed her aura quickly and firmly by sweeping and combing method.
  • Secondly, I connected to mental/emotional healing symbol SHK and then to power symbol CKR. I chanted these symbols name and directed them towards her to cleanse thoroughly, fully and completely by absorbing, attracting, disintegrating, and expelling the bad energies and transmuting these not so good energies into white light.
  • After some time I intended the divine flow of energy to stabilize, seal, and then cut from my cord.

This divine healing energies made her sleep well that night. Next morning she vomited and had diarrhea, seeing her condition to be serious they kept her in ICU and started observing her. Then that evening, I spoke to her people and learnt what had happened that morning. I felt that her toxins had come out due to Reiki Healing.

Later, she was very well treated and guided by senior doctors. After a week she got discharged, and from that day until now…

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