10 Signs Of Physical Attraction From A Man

Are you reading his body language correctly? When a man is interested in you, romantically you probably watch closely for signs that they may be attracted to you.

Sure enough flirting can be fun but you are always hoping they will notice you and they will return the interest. If you have been putting your best foot forward and made a move towards him, but you are never sure if he is interested in you.

Are you confused by his body language?

Well it is perfectly normal, because reading the signs of attraction is complicated. Statistics show that men can be extremely hard to read because the average man uses 13,000 fewer words per day than any woman.

Here are two interesting facts about men you should know. Men use a different part of the brain to read body language, and they are not as good at it as women.

An MRI scan shows that women have 14 to 16 active brain areas when they are evaluating people, whereas men only have 4 to 6.

Men prefer availability over beauty

Research has shown that men find availability the most attractive. A man is attracted to a woman who uses flirtation to show her availability than the most beautiful woman.

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Learning from the two facts above, we can see that men are less receptive to subtle signs of interest from a woman. However, there are certain physical signs a man will show when he is interested in a woman.

Signs of physical attraction from a man

eyebrow flash

When you like someone your eyebrows rise and fall, if he likes you, he will mirror the action. This interaction lasts about a second and it happens all the time, it’s just we never seem to notice it.

Lips part

If he is physically attracted to you and likes what he sees, his lips will part for a moment when you make eye contact.

Nostrils flare

To give the face a friendly and open expression, the eyebrows raise, the lips part and nostrils flare.

He will attract your attention

All men are different, to get your attention he might be subtle like for example, he might adjust his tie, while others might be loud and boisterous, they will exaggerate to get your attention.

If he’s with a group of friends either male or female, he will detach himself from them to be seen as an individual.

His hair

He will either try to fix his hair or even mess it up, but it all depends on his hairstyle. They do this to make it look more flattering.

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When he is conversing with you, his eyebrows will be slightly raised. He either finds you fascinating or finds you entirely nuts.

He Stands Straight

He is on alert, so his muscles will be pulled tight to show off his body. He will also stand directly in front of you giving you his full attention, sometimes leaning forward to get a bit closer.

Catch him checking your body

He will give you the visual once or twice over, taking a little cruise around your body and he will let you catch him doing it.

He’s already scanned your body the moment he laid eyes on you, the only difference this time is, him letting you see him do it.

Legs spread

He will sit down with his legs spread, showing you what’s on offer. He will stand with his legs apart and hands on hips.

Touching his face

He will touch his face a lot when he’s looking at you, if he is into you he will stroke his cheek up and down with the back of his fingers, he will touch his ears or sometimes the chin.

Most of these signs are a combination of nervousness, excitement or preening to showcase that they are into you.

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